What if you didnt have any throws for a week?!!

yeah…lol…i would freak out! what would you do!!!

that happened to me a few times (I got grounded) i gained like ten pounds because i sress ate so muchwhen i got them back i kept stroking them and muttering “my precious, my precious” over and over

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Never happen to me, but if it is, i might be just messin up my motorcycle.

I cant begin to imagine…

Work on my 3x3 solve times.




LOL!!! i would prabably jump off a bridge or insult a kid at my school!

I would probably go on living my life… I have friends, I have other hobbies, I could live without a yoyo


well probably get bored

I’d just play video games… I’m a gamer as well as a yoyoer

I’d get my homework done.

ive been getting beter grades sinse i started :smiley:

i would do what i did before i started throwing :smiley:

I’ve lost mine for 2 months before. It was over summer, and I only had that one yoyo - my Black Atmosphere

my life would continue and i wouldnt care…

I’d just be under stress and be really quiet for that weak, and have nothing to do. And you would find me on YYE all day long, lol.

I’d go to the closest store that sold a yoyo and get back to it. :stuck_out_tongue:
I let my friend borrow my yoyo, and I didn’t have anything for like a week, so I went and bought a $3 duncan imperial just to mess around with.

…mental break down