Take all your yoyos...

And lock them up for a few days.
Don’t yoyo, don’t watch yoyo videos, don’t do anything yoyo related.

After a few days, come back and grab a yoyo, and throw it, just throw it, put on some music, and get lost in it.

You may find that you will find things that you have never thought of before.
When you put yourself apart from a thing you love, you gain a greater appreciation for it when you get it back, and within that appreciation, you can find greatness.


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Will the same thing work with my girlfriend? ::slight_smile:

Great tips! Although it would be hard for me to put away the yoyos for a day, I really should do it for the exact reasons that you mentioned. Thank you :slight_smile:


I appreciate your particular philosphy! I don’t share it, but I appreciate it. :slight_smile: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is certainly age-old wisdom.

I don’t think I could survive that long lol

Don’t think it’ll work with your girlfriend. Unlike a yoyo, if you don’t throw it, no one will. Your gf? If u don’t throw her, maybe someone else will.

Please do not throw your girlfriends.

 I did something sort of like this. For a week, I didn't throw a yoyo at all(though I did watch videos and such). When the week was over and I gave my yoyo a throw, my first thought was:[i]man, this feels weird.[/i]

I think this theory is true. Every time I don’t throw for a week or so I always end up pick up my yo and landing tricks I always struggle with

Nope do it until you are completely burned out on it. That means play the same music on replay if necessary.

Hahaha, this made me laugh out loud :slight_smile:

i’ve played yo-yo on every calendar day since may 2005. it’s kind of a weird streak.
i’m all for taking a break, but only when you find your approach to something to be unnatural, obsessive, or otherwise not-ideal. i sometimes take breaks from reading forums/yoyodrama, and i certainly restrict myself to certain aspects of play from time to time (hi, 2012)… but i find that the yo-yoing itself is something that i generally just want to do, and i’m really appreciative of it regardless.

I dont yoyo to get ahead or learn all the tricks. I do it for fun.

I agree. I have no reason to put my yo-yos down, and unless I do, I won’t.

theres a point when it becomes an addiction. Which can be dangerous.

You can say that almost anything can be addictive. I’m basically addicted to doing 20 minutes of yoga every day (it provides an enormous benefit to easy my sciatica).

It would be the rare time that an addiction to … yoyoing … would be “dangerous”. I also didn’t get the feeling this was the spirit of your original post… you weren’t advocating fighting an addiction, but taking a break that can refresh and reenergize… supplement your addiction as it were ;-). Let’s not forget the original point (which was a good one, even if I don’t buy into that strategy myself) in place of this new and separate debate!

I can quit any time I want to.

I just don’t want to.

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My point of the original post also includes the danger of being addicted to yoyoing in a sense, the bit of a break also shows one how reliant they may be on the YoYo itself. And being that reliant on anything is something I consider dangerous.

I tried to become addicted by using yoyos…

…but I coudn’t get them to light!

Ba-Dum! Boom! Crash!
Try the veal…

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I may take a break if ammunition becomes cheaper or golf season begins and I play so much golf in one day I can’t muster a throw. Neither of those is happening any time soon. I live in Michigan and understand that people are golfing in other areas of the world.

Maybe you’re just using the wrong paraphernalia? :wink: