When I was little child...

(Jei Cheetah) #1

I thought spaghetti was bloody worms, so I refused to eat spaghetti. To the point where one day apparently, my parents gave it to me, and I threw it up at the ceiling.

I saw a traffic accident on the freeway where a motorcyclist fell off his motorcycle and got run over by a semi truck. I literally saw chunks of meat get gnarled and mangled up in front of me. And the thing that is really interesting, is that I saw this in front of my eyes, and it resulted in me laughing apparently.

I used to steal my grandparents clothes hangers when I went over to their house, and I would throw them over the fence into the neighbors pool.

What other weird things, beliefs, ideas, etc did you have when you were a young child?



i dont even


When I got to choose what colour to paint my room (a loooooooooong time ago) I chose Yellow because I thought it would help me see into my closet to see if anything was in there.

I thought Animal Crossing and Spongebob the Move Game were the best games on the Planet.

And the most strange thing of all was… I started yoyoing :o


I was eating an fruit pop and when I took my mouth off of it I felt fine. I then was shocked to be informed that my lips where bleeding. I still felt no pain. But, being as young as I was I thought that blood meant pain so I ran across the street to my house crying. Later that night my tooth fell out.



video game addiction.


As a toddler, I used to think I could run faster than cars on the freeway, I called windshield wipers “piperators”, and if a little salt is good, then the whole shaker must be great… Needless to say, I only needed to learn the salt lesson once


Well, I grew up watching Dragon Ball so sometimes I would think I could pull off a Kamekameha lol.


when i was little i had a dream where i was scratching a bunch of bug bites on my leg and then my leg fell off ???


About dreams… When I was little ET was a fairly new film, and it gave me nightmares such that ( for some undefined reason) I had to let ET eat my fingers…

And as for dragon ball… Ten years ago when I was in third grade, me and my circle of friends were always ssiyans at recess… Being a fighting cartoon that we were mimicking, we got in trouble occasionally… It’s still my favorite cartoon


When I was little I always had weird dreams.
Like one time, I dreamt of eating corn and woke up, slimy, barfing corn.
Strange thing is-We didn’t even have corn at our house and I hadn’t had any…


i thoght a dog was a cat and a cat was a dog

(DOGS) #12

I thought the exhaust pipes on cars were what was pushing them forwards, instead of the wheels, so I’d always leap out from behind a starting car in fear that I’d get blown away.

Granted, I only believed this for a very, very short time.


My friend at school has the worst of luck; he always tells me these stories. Like one time he was showing his friend around his house when he got locked in a closet with him. He tried getting out by leaning his back against the door and put his feet against the wall and accidentally kicked through the wall XD. And another time, his Xbox got the red ring of death and he tried to open it up and fix it. He couldn’t find any screwdrivers at the time so he had to get a fork. So while he’s trying to fix his Xbox his mom walks in and see’s him with a fork over his Xbox.

I lol so hard when I hear these stories!


Not really an issue as a child, but I’ve never really liked motorcycles. Just, the idea of being so exposed at high speed, even my young developing(and warping) mind said “hey, this just ain’t a good idea”.

Shortly after I got my driver’s license, I was trying to make a left turn. Thru-traffic, you know, the suicide lane thing. Not a busy traveled road, but it was sorta blind on the left side as there was a hill crest on that way. Anyhow, I’m finally clear to go and this motorcycle going over 80mph(in a 25) slammed into my car. Dude rolled across the hood. Anyhow, that cemented my dislike of motorcycles.

Odd part was that my insurance paid the guy off, who then promptly got a new bike, got drunk and discovered how to lose a dimension through a high speed fatal impact with a tree. The tree lived, but I hear it sued the spouse.

To confuse you all a bit more, I enjoy the show American Chopper. I DO dislike motorcycles and I WILL NOT get on one, but I can appreciate the work that goes into it. Of course, the father/son bickering takes me back to when my father was still alive as we used to work together. He did the sales, I had to make it work.


Apparently when I was 3 years old I think I fell asleep in my high chair while i was eating spaghetti, with said spaghetti all over my face. My mom got a picture of it…


I was scared of cats

I still am!


I’m allergic lol


Me too




i refused to eat strawberries because i thought the dots were beans
I was convinced jalapeno peppers were pickles… until i tried one
my parents thought i was color blind until i was 5
I had a dream that i could never remember but always scared me horribly. Every couple of months it would come back. I also had a dream that left me feeling sick, almost disgusted. That dream kept repeating itself to.