The 'Secrets' Thread

So… I thought it would be cool if we could all share some secrets and learn random silly things about each other :wink:

Keep your secrets TRUE and forum appropriate… ;). This will only bring us closer YYE members!..

Ill start:

I have a fake tooth retainer because i was never born with an adult lateral incisor.

It wouldn’t be a secret anymore if I disclose it here, though.

Smarty pants… Trying to use logic on me… I see how it is :wink:

Okay, I’ve got one. When I was about 4 years old, I thought that when you ate food, it went down to your feet, and over time, as years passed, probably when it filled up to your head, and there was no room left, you died :-\ Now, who would tell you that unless it was true? ::slight_smile: I remember exactly where I was standing when I had the thought too, cause I was focused on figuring it out. I was standing in line with my mom in a department store called “Zayre,” now out of business.

Don’t tell anyone that. :-X

One time I went number one in a trash can… When I was 3

I’m a furry.

I love reading about serial killers and torture…It’s really odd

I used to be a brony now I lurk /mlp/ on 4chan

When I was little (preschool) I thought when you did bad things you shrank until there was nothing left of you, and that death entailed retaining your conciousness, just not your senses, so I would lay bored in a coffin for eternity. That is why I was such a good child, and why I was terrified of death…

Okay I got a few
One time me and my brother when we were alone about the age of 5 my brother age 4. we painted the room with peanut butter (cause when your that age and scooping peanut butter with your fingers their going to get sticky so we wiped it… Everywhere) the Tv, floor, the table, chairs carpet, the door and radiator.

And here’s another secret
When I was about 6 I used to think clouds would rain because they had to go pee really bad so they couldn’t make it to the toilet so they did it on us.

Oh and also another time my sister (and yes I got permission from her) she did number 2 on top of the slide.

If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Or the feds would.

You know we see the thumbnail for that, right?

My secret is that I never tell anyone my secrets or emotions. For some reason I feel like it makes them feel down.

Let’s tell secrets! ( scary little kid voice)

I refuse to click!!!

thought it was a rick roll. I would’ve rather it been a rick roll…

I yoyo. :o


aksfjaskdjgaksdghsd me too :o :o

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I’m a cannibal…shh or I’ll…eat you