be as random as you can!!!



my randomness should be your themesong

One time I was at the mall with 2 of my friends and we were going to ride the elevator. I had never been in it before so I screamed and dropped to the floor. :o We were the only people there in the elevator so nobody saw it. 8)
The same day I bought a toast wallet and toast bandages. Lol, the toast bandages had a free toy inside and it was just a little person!! Must have been a doctor or something. :-\

and i thought my freind was random…

I was walking down a marshmallow when I spotted an underscore. I ate lunch with him, he was throwing broccoli at me while dancing on a table singing about his girlfriend (which was a hyphen.) while my pet turtle kept getting the ocean wet I tried not to stomp chocolate milk all over the house. I tripped over a turkey named barack obama, he licked me all night long. He also gave me a coin and said ‘change we can believe in’ and winked. I wish it was freakin’ thanksgiving. Olives named Olivia took over the planet and realized there was no fork to finish all of the comb pudding so they went to a desk and asked the meaning of life. I realized that a metal sandwich would come in handy and I decided to take the orange lettuce out for wholesome purposes. As soon as I realized that I was part of the Matrix I changed my user name to my favorite shoe lace color. All of a sudden Sandy Ravage, xJawz, seananners, and zzirgrizz owned me in a free for all even though I had all of the exit signs in my lucky shopping bag in case my soup would get too cold for the republicans. I decided to write in my mouse pad about the experience so I used dora’s map to look for Tiger Blood. I found it in Charlie Sheen, and all this time I thought that Tiger Woods had Tiger Blood, but when I found Tiger woods using my metal detector I found by speaking like a hippy to a door that led to downtown northpole, he was with another Tiger! I told his wife, and she took the tiger to the zoo on her liquid moped and she took Tiger Woods to the woods to think about his problems.

I wish something exciting would happen in my life for once

simon cowell sux (mostly)… he hates the yoyo (other than that he has good jusgement)

i depantsed a scarecrow!


i like trains…

my dog at my homework… or did he???

yes yes he did???..or am i lieing…

no im sure he did… ??

in soviet russia sanitizer hands you
a pair of scissors to run with.

Hey guys there’s this awesome yoyo web site called yoyoexpert you should look it up!!! lmao :wink:



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Remember the Alamo

LA Angels of Anaheim rule!

who the heck ate my flying purple elephant!!!

The bowling pin in the gutter ate her hair.


Lamp? Or no?