Childhood Beliefs/ideas/etc.


Thinking back to our early childhood, you may often find that you had some interesting beliefs and ideas that while they don’t make sense now, they did in your child like mind.

I’ll name a few of mine for example from when I was around 3-7.

When I was super young, I thought that spaghetti was bloody worms, so I refused to eat it. To the point that I once threw a plate of spaghetti at the ceiling of our house above the dining room table. To this day, there is still a spaghetti stain above the dining room table.

My parents once told me when I was around 5 that meatballs grew on trees. So I asked for a meatball tree for my birthday. I honestly believed for a year that there was such a thing as a meatball tree.

I used to think that a cooked fish would come back to life if you put it in water. So one night when my dad had steamed cooked a trout we had caught, I grabbed the trout and brought it to the bathroom when nobody was looking. I filled the bathtub with water and dropped the fish in. I soon realized something was very wrong when the fish started breaking apart and started crying. My parents rushed to the bathroom to find out the reason for my cries and were surprised to find a sludgy mush of fish floating around in the bathtub.

I used to think that the reason that people who fell from high places would die, was because the impact would make them “bounce”, and the shock of the bounce would knock all the air out of them so they would “drown”. I somehow didn’t think it was a possible concept for people to go “splat”, which is surprising given this next one which isn’t really a belief but a strange experience.

A bit graphic:
When I was around 6, we were driving on the freeway when we saw a car pulled over with someone standing outside. A large semi truck going at full speed lost control and hit the man standing beside the road. He was ripped apart under the tires of the truck and it sent chunks of human down the road. Upon seeing this, I thought it was funny and started laughing. This still baffles me to this day, cause normally, I would for sure be horrified by seeing such an event, but for whatever reason, my young self found it be the funniest thing in the world : \

I used to think that women could do no evil, cause it was against the rules. Only guys could do bad things, but it was impossible for any women to do anything bad, cause they were women.

I used to think that all cats were female, and dogs were male.

I used to think that soap was the same thing as toothpaste. Needless to say, I found out the hard way that they aren’t > . <

Not a belief but something interesting: I used to wish I was a girl, to the point that I would cry sometimes at night cause my young 5 year old mind couldn’t accept that I was a boy. I also wished I was not asian, cause I wanted blonde hair.

I used to think that french fries came from flowers

I used to think that people stayed alive as long as they had not used up their “air supply”. So I used to inhale air from a bike pump, thinking that by doing so, I was adding years to my life.

So, that said, what are some of yours?

^ ^

I remember being afraid to go down one of the tube slides at Chucky Cheese because I though I would never return.

I remember thinking peanut butter was honey.

Once, I ate fish food thinking I was going to turn into a fish, and then I was crying because I didn’t want to be a fish.

I remember thinking my mom’s perfume was the same thing as the stuff you spray in your mouth to make it all fresh and stuff. That didn’t go well.

I could go on and on for hours!

I refuse to believe this isn’t the case.

I thought all the spiders in the world of the world decscended from Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web
I also thought Gogurt wasn’t yogurt…

Until about two years ago, I used to have a serious problem with bloody noses. I lost the genetic nose lottery. I’m talking 4-5 a day on average. From age five to sixteen, bloody noses were as common as, well, things that happen four or five times a day.

Knowing that fact, I used to believe that you only had a limited supply of blood; You couldn’t regenerate any more blood. I believed this until I was about ten. Seeing how I lost a considerable amount of blood a day, I always assumed that death was just around the corner for months.

Another story is the confusion of “bugs” and “buds”. One spring morning I was at my Grandmother’s house, frolicking outside, having fun. I asked my nearby grandmother what the strange things on the small flower bush were; She said they were this year’s buds. However, I misheard her as “next year’s bugs”. I spent a solid hour picking the buds off the bush in order to prevent there from being too many mosquito’s out this summer.

Those are the first two beliefs that come to mind.

Childhood, fun times.

Until about 5 seconds ago I thought french fries grew on flowers :-\

No but seriously here’s a few:
I used to think money was plain printer paper. So I thought drawing a few 1’s and a face made me rich

I never believed in santa claus (other than the real one that lived in greece)

And no other childhood fairytales (like the easter bunny, etc., etc.)

When I was little I thought that whenever I did something bad and my parents punished me they were making it up as they went, probably the reason I talked back to my parents!

I used to be afraid to walk over those big iron drains cause I though I was gonna fall in

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I used to be afraid, because my friend told me this, that if you touched this one orange and black bug, you would die in 10 seconds.

Sob story, so skip reading.

Why didn’t you skip over this?

With the death of my father, I found out a LOT of things. Essentially, in a nutshell, I was raised by liars. I’m not gonna dig deep here. I’m just scratching the surface here. But, at the same time I wasn’t raised in a “evil” environment either. I don’t feel like “opening my soul” here right now. I otherwise had a good childhood.

Somehow I managed to figure out right from wrong and how to be a good and decent person despite this. I’ve since learned that good values are good values and cross all cultures.

So, my childhood beliefs are irrelevant.

I spend a lot of time questioning a lot of things at times. Most of the time I just lock it away and ignore it. It’s otherwise a waste of my time.

As you can probably infer, I detest being lied to. Despite this, I am lied to on a daily basis.

They probably were. What makes you think they weren’t. :wink:

When I was about 4, I asked my mom, “Mom, is my name ‘Greg’ or is it ‘Turkey’?”

That was the day my mom stopped calling me “Turkey” as a nickname. :wink:

i did, too.

When I was little my dad told me that if I didn’t go to bed when he said so the police would come into our house and take me and I would never see him or my mom again. You guys figure out how it ended… God Bless - Moefv

Used to think that when you went to heaven you had to eat worm noodles and sit on clouds all day.

Same. To this day, even though I realize I won’t, I still avoid them.

Anyway, some of my own:

The classic that the moon follows your car.

Reflections of lights on shiny, tile floors were running from me (so I chased them, which didn’t go so well.)

That the voice on the radio in the car was just to our car and nobody else could hear it.

I know, those aren’t very original, but they’re the first ones that came to mind.

I used to think clouds rained because they had to go pee really bad and couldn’t hold it in to get to the bathroom. that was 5 year olds logic of the water cycle at least for me.

I used to think if you screamed a lot your ears would turn Lumpy and green if you did it to much.

I used to believe that hiccups were contagious. So when ever someone had them I would stay as far away from them as possible.

Oh, I remembered another one. Original this time.

I used to think that when I went upstairs to go to bed, my dad who was downstairs would turn into a human sized animated porcupine that wore sunglasses. He played cards all night with other woodland creatures, like he was in a mob (a mob that isn’t really bad; you know, a mob that a small child would come up with, one where all you did was sit around with a bunch of guys your age in a dark room playing poker).

I have no idea…

I literally lol’ed at this.

Well I used to call my sister bunny. not sure that counts…