Earliest memory.

Our childhood holds memories of times good and bad, and through of which we see ourselves happy and sad.
But thinking back to the very first sight
what can you see, and recount for the night?

We all have very early childhood memories, but it’s often interesting to try to think back, what is the the ABSOLUTE earliest memory you can recall? The furthest depths of your memory. What lies within?

For me, the earliest memory for myself is staring up at the tall warehouse ceilings of our old church building, and seeing an old deflated white balloon hanging down from the top of one of the support beams. For some reason, that’s literally my earliest memory, I must have been quite young as I would have been in an infant carrier at that time. But I don’t think I can recall anything prior.

Now, yourselves?



Black Elmo. Pretty sure he was just a hallucination for me when I was a kid, but one night I was sleeping (I was about 3) and I saw this figure that was black and resembled Elmo. He bit me, whatever it was, and that story just stuck with me.

One of my earliest memories is of me sticking my finger into a Soda can tab and pulling it off and cutting my finger. Also remember drinking from a can and drinking ashes from a cigarette cause someone decided to use it as a ashtray. Both of these are from around the age of 4. These are my earliest memories and im almost 20 now.

probably me tripping down concrete stairs of my porch and having a raggedy Ann red nose from it that was about at age 2. That and getting in trouble with my brother all the time like when me and my brother smeared peanut butter on the walls that was about at age 4.

Not that many memories pop up accept for when I met my best friend. I was about 4-5, and at my sisters music class, when a bunch of kids started chasing this one kid, Roy, by best friend wich is now on a 3 year boat trip :’(, and I started to join him in being chased. After that was over, we started wrestling with eachother, and soon became best friends. I owe it all to my sisters for joining that music class, cause without it, I would not have met Roy.

My first day of preschool, about 2 or 3. I was cring, and my teacher, ms belt told me itll be alright. Then we shared names and played random stuff. I especially remember my friend Kenny, and we would play firefigher in play suits evvverrry day :smiley: !

When I was three, there was an industrial fan drying paint on the side of our house. It was on a low speed so I approached it. I stepped on the switch (it was on the cord!) and the thing sounded like it was about to take off.
I was scared of the noise and surprise so I took off to my mother.

Don’t have a lot of memories from before Kindergarten. I somewhat remember playing at the park with two little friends, Hans and Veronica… we were playing on a giant tractor tire that was intentionally “planted” into the playground area for the purpose of climbing and hiding games.

Riding my bike (with training wheels) down my street…

In kindergarten, my first significant memory was leaving class because the teacher angered me…walked all the way home to my mom waiting for me. She wasn’t mad, she just let me have lunch at home (tomato soup) and watch an episode of Spider-Man before sending me back to school. Thanks, mom!

When I was little I would listen for my dad to wake up and go to work, then I would run out and give him a hug, then it being 4:00 he would put on the tv for me so that I would not be loud or get into trouble, that and the fan, around and around and around. :slight_smile: good times, nice thread.

Sounds like you have a cool mom!

Yeah, she’s great. :wink: She’s the best grandmother ever, too. The kids adore her.

The earliest memory for me was actually a dream. I know my family went to Silver wood theme park (In Idaho) but I don’t remember the trip. I do however a Nightmare I had about a roller coaster at silverwood. I had to walk up these rickety steps and as I climbed higher and higher the steps got more and more unstable. Eventually one broke and I started falling. That’s all I remember. I was 3 when I had the dream.