When did some of you come to the realization that you had "too many yoyos?"

Hey guys, something interesting i thought I would bring up.

Back when I really got into yoyoing and up till sometime last year, I kept buying many different yoyos to the point that I had three 75 star cases, three 24 yomega bags and 12 yoyo mini case, each one completely filled with different throws.

Around the middle of last year, I suddenly started coming to the realization that I didn’t really NEED all of the yoyos I owned, and I started selling a ton of the off.

Yeah they were all awesome yoyos and I liked throwing them, but as I went on selling off what I had, I found myself being able to let go of many of the yoyos I had once thought were so good and would never get rid of. Simply because I knew that I really didn’t need them.

Since then, I sold off almost all of my yoyos and now my collection consist of only 11 1A/5A throws, 2 pairs of 2A throws, a pair for 3A, 2 bigyos an aqua and many empty cases.

When I look back, I really don’t know why I bought so many.

So my question to you fellow throwers.

When did you come to that day when you realized that you really didn’t need so many throws, and how many did you used to own compared to now.

(I hope I am not the only one who has gone through this, otherwise this post will just result in people thinking I am crazy.)

I only Have 10 yo-yos so I have a long way to go haha. :]

I think I’m in the process as we speak. I feel like we fall into a purchasing habit since we’re so intrigued by the differences in companies, and the great new yoyos we play. It just causes you to want more, and more!

I’ve got a case of 24, two cases of 6, and plenty more throws on their way. I know I don’t need them, and try to get the GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) out of my head, but so far no luck! I’ve really stuck to trading recently though, but I can’t help but be interested in everything that’s out there! I just love yoyoing!

I have a feeling by the time I’ve been throwing as long as you, I might have an even more extreme story to tell :] But to answer your question, I came to that day months ago, but it’s not stopping me yet xD


Today… It finally hit me.

That’s really funny. I think a lot of pros have a lot more yo-yos but I’m pretty sure there at that point where the realize they have too many. (Ask Evan. John Narum gave him some Knights and something else). Ever seen Mickey’s room?

Anyway, I only have 5. So I don’t think i have enough!

Im in the same boat chris is, i only got 5. But i like to trade mine and occasionally i will pick up a new throw, like fhz’s dingos nothing big.

i think you are crazy. jk

I realise that i have to little yoyos

Your post kinda made me feel it…

I’ll probably have a tough time choosing what to sell if I ever do.

i don’t think it’s really so simple. i’ve gone through periods where i’ve been compelled to ‘purge’ or just play this or that one, but with more yo-yo’s than i’d care to count… i don’t really feel i have ‘too many’.

i think the important thing is to be balanced about it. if you realize just what they are and what they’re for, and you don’t invest too much emotionally in them… having them in your home isn’t really ‘baggage’. pretty much all the yo-yo’s i keep have a story. they’re like photographs, and when i throw them or look on them, i get to remember friendships and places and experiences. i recognize that they’re just stuff and if they burned up in a big fire i wouldn’t begrudge their loss.

if you understand that yo-yoing is substantially more important than your individual yo-yo’s, i don’t see having a lot of them to be a big problem.

i think the reason people buy so many yoyos when they are still in their first couple years is beacuse there trying to find the right feel. That one size, shape, and weight that will fit them perfictly.

And sometimes we just like to collect things…
It’s cool to have a lots of rare yoyos (Well, I don’t)

I don’t have a huge collection, and about half of them are beginner yoyos (Brains, Imperial, etc.) but I do wish I could sell a few of the better ones I have that I don’t use much.

I realized I have too many yoyos when only about half of them fit well into my laptop bag.

That’s my situation. It’s really only been maybe the last 3 yoyos I’ve gotten that I really understand what I like in a yoyo. Or, at least, what shape of yoyo I like. Really, I still haven’t a clue what makes any response system better than any other system, or why people love rim weight so much, or why beadblasting is any better or worse than just a regular anodizing (not even sure if I’m getting the terminology right on stuff like that). I think getting to try and buy yoyos for me is really just a learning experience, and I get to have a lot of fun on the way.

Lol, I have 1 yoyo.
I’m getting 3 more in christmas

i have 14 (IMO you can never have 2many yoyos but then again i only have 14 ;D)