When did longer strings get common?

I just noticed Worlds this year many players are using longer strings. I don’t remember that from Worlds two years ago. Did that catch on just recently?

when takeshi started doing it

I’ve always used long strings, always thought it looked the best. European guys used to do it way back and I loved the way it looked.

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As someone who still uses pretty short (just over the navel) string, it was pretty crazy throwing other peoples’ stuff at Worlds this year. I think the average length has gone up at least 3 inches in 3 years.

I threw Riccardo’s Manatee, and it was just ridiculous. Like I know that length really suits his style, but I’m sure I looked absurd trying to navigate it.


Lmfao shorter string makes my tricks feel more fluent imo. Longer string feels clunky to me

I threw Chris’ Compass straight into the ground at BAC since I forgot that I’m one of like 3 people that still uses semi-normal length string.

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I think that it’s just due to the fact that many players are doing more technical, slack based tricks, where every inch of string counts. Also, I’ve noticed that yoyos in general are getting bigger - not dramatically, but enough to notice. I personally tend to use shorter string for smaller yoyos, and vice versa; maybe other players do the same.

Hmmm, so what’s your excuse for doing that to my Roll Model the other year at the PNWR after party?

I kid, I kid. The roll model is one of my “bar” yoyos for that exact reason. Plus, Steve makes me want to drink.


Probably beer was the reason for that.

I also think the shift towards long string came when everyone started using Kitty and didn’t want to shorten them.


Hah! I had the exact same reaction, that string came up to my shoulders! So awkward to play with lol.

The same thing happened to me as well.