When are the 900s being restocked?

I know that they are coming sometime in August, but does anyone know when in August?

May not happen in August. Building production molds right now.

ASAP is the answer.

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I hope they restock them soon! I want to get a perfect 2A yoyo, and I think for me and everyone else the best yoyo for all levels of 2A is the Loop 900.

Why is it the best? Have you even tried it? And the perfectness of a yoyo is all subjective. Not objective.

My preferences. And a lot of people prefer it over other 2A yoyos. I know you know what I mean.

what is the big difference between 900 and 720s?

Well for the major difference is the response.

The new tightening mechanism that the loop 900 has works quite well.