LOOP 900 Official Release is Here!

The yo-yo of the year is arriving! YoYoFactory presents an innovation that will change Double A (Two Hand Looping Style) forever!

Friday March 18th 8:00 PM EST here at YoYoExpert the Loop 900 is being release and it has been well worth the wait!!!


Quoting YoYoFactory:

YoYoFactory went back to the design room. They contacted 2A players everywhere to find out what makes the PERFECT looping yo-yo. Taking everything they learned they created an amazing yo-yo with an innovative new technology.

The result is a sleek patent pending adjustment mechanism that is barely visible on investigation and invisible during play. It allows the user to register their gap settings.

Signature series of 10 time World Champion Shinji Saito this is without a doubt the best looping yo-yo to hit the market.

All Loop 900 come with a YoYoFactory “key” to precisely adjust the Loop 900 gap setting.


I have been waiting for this forever!!!

Yay!!! Finnaly

Are the 3 colors (blue, red, and yellow) the only releases this time around or will they have the old designs (clear with black, white, lime, and red caps)?

Buying one blue, one yellow then mixing halves

Any word on the price?

YYN said it’s gonna be about the same price as the Starlite, so about $24 each.

I hope this is true :smiley:

I don’t…so expensive mann

Someone told me that each were going to sell for $35. I was like 0_0…

wow that is really expensive

That only took forever :stuck_out_tongue: seriously was this the same yoyo they were supposed to make months ago then decided to delay it? or am I just crazy? I quit for a while, I dont even remember what Hidemasa hook was, lol, but I could still do it. so I might just be a silly head

This is just a re-release, they have already released the first run of Loop 900 about 3 months ago or so.

How long do people think it will be in stock? I had some money put aside for when they were here, but I spent that like a month ago…

I’m pretty sure they won’y sell out too fast. Someone on the other forum said they got plenty to go around, then again, that’s just my guess. I have enough money to buy it right away.

Yea…if it was that much no one’s gonna buy them. That would be $70 for a pair and I would much rather get a metal with that much cash.

$50 for a pair of loopers? I’ll just get some raiders when I feel like learning 2A.

calm down people their $23.99 each if you dont believe me check out the price on the other yoyo stores (yoyosam)

…thats pretty much $50 a pair. Simple math.

Pardon me 47.98, but with shipping you got 52.98 so a $52.98 pair of loopers to anyone who feels like being really picky.

I paid $10 for a good pair of raider ex’s… I’ll just stick to those =P