Price? Store? I looked on yoyofactory.com and they dont say anything about where I can get a couple.

Sorry bro, not available 'till June 16th! YYE should have them first though. ;D


yah it is until june 16th
they are really good at looping!

Loop 720 is just as good right?

loop 900 is a monster but if you want to spend less then get a loop 720 and it’ll get the job done. Pat used a set in 09 at nationals i think.

Cool, i might actually get into looping

they were already released at BAC 2010 last saturday and thet will be released june 16 on online stores

Does anyone know the price point of the loop 900?

$25 each. and they have a key for the gap adjustment system

that’d be $50 for a looping set. kinda expensive 4 me

$50 for a pair of of loop900 that’s pretty good

Lol, I was thinking about getting one. Does it endow you with magical looping powers? I’m a little under suffecient when it comes to looping. Average of 10 loops.

i want a loop 900
when you can buy them i am going to get 2 for 2a

June 16 2010!

LOOP 900 Release date is actually Wednesday June 23rd.

More info coming very soon!!!


thank you andre!
i cant wait!
you have the best website ever!

23rd? Daaaaaaaaaaang. I thought it was on the 16th. :frowning: Oh well, more time to save up money!

yea more time to save money ;D

I might have to make an investment is some of these things

They are totally worth it! They are awesome and amazing! Trust me, you’ve never tried a 2A yoyo like this!