Loop 900 is coming

LOOP900 it’s coming soon!

[From yoyo Factory]
The final testing and release schedule is now set for the LOOP900.

May 6 an invitation only event will be happening in Tokyo when YoYoFactory meet with 4x USA National 2A champion John Ando and 7x World and current Japan National champion Shinji Saito to discuss final spacer configurations. At this stage final blessings will have been given by USA 2a National Champion Patrick Mitchell.

After this sample sets will be issued to Spingear Tokyo for Japanese 2A players to try in the following week with strict orders of no photos of the new technology.

On May 9th Hong Kong Players will get a chance to try it also (details coming soon).

May 17 YoYoFactorty will be issuing team sets to 2A competitors and the technology will be revealed on YoYoFactory.com

Late May a limited initial release production run made in USA will ship to stores for a tentative June 1 sale date. These will not come in LOOP900 packaging, just generic YoYoFactory packaging but will include all accessories.

May 29 BAC will be the first retail sales.



Any word on a price point yet?

Nope I heard they were gonna be near 25$ or something. But I have no idea.

wow $25 for a looper. Ugh that’s $50 if u wanna do 2a.

i agree, that;s too mush for loopers, btw, were not mad at you :wink:

Why do people think that 25 bucks is expensive for a looper?

And any yoyo for 1a with 100 bucks price tags is normal?

I bet yyf put so much work in this one, and put a lot of money for reserching.

Heck people sells 100+ for offstring yoyo, the kamui.

I think because it’s plastic. Then again. The most expensive plastic yoyo is the protostar, no?
And maybe they find it expensive because it’s 50usd for 2a. Heh.

Because a small piece of molded plastic is not the same as a slightly larger presicion machined metal.

A molded piece of plastic with an axle and some string and maybe a bearing, should not cost $25. If a yoyo is completely metal, comes with a KK or a CT, has a well-detailed response system, with laser etching and precise carves in the metal, possibly hub stacks, throw on a signature, costs $100, that’s definitely worth it.

Don’t count it out yet. It might be a next gen looper.

are they gunna use string response???

Why shouldn’t it cost 25$? The Yoyojam Fiesta is 25$. Why shouldn’t loopers cost 25$? If you got a problem with the price, then don’t buy it.

Yeah I agree. Why should we have to freak out when a looper costs $25 each then be totally fine with a $100 metal? If they are really as great as they’re cracked up to be, worth it?

Well, i bet those who say $25 for a piece of plastic is expensive is clearly not a 2a player.
Those 2a player out there will think it’s normal because they are continualy searching for better looper.
Same as those guys that continusly buying metal for the sake of finding their preference.

I wont think it’s expensive, but just a bit off my yard.
They are normal.

im going to have to pick up a pair of these at BAC ;D

I think they are releasing it at the Bay Area Classic. I hear you will also get to try it. :smiley: