LOOP 900 Official Release is Here!

I got some at Worlds and they are really good! I learned to loop easily with them, sooo worth the price!

are these gonna stay in stock, or is it gonna be like last time they were released where they were limited addition? because if they’re not limited I can wait until after I get a new phone to get a pair

I don’t have a problem paying this much for these. I’ll be placing an order when I get home!

Just got a pair. Better be worth the hype/cash.

I got one. If i like it and i learn to loop, then ill buy the second xD
If not, ill just sell it :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much what I did, lol.

I would either way get two. Even if you don’t like it at least you know how to do it.

I am enjoying my Loop 900s. My question is: What makes these advanced yoyos? I loop well with my raiders (they feel different now). What is it that makes these so awesome? I do like the customizations for the gap width, but what else?

Thats pretty much it. No other looping yoyo gives you the ability to customize the gap with such ease as the Loop 900.

I’m no looper, but as far as I know, raiders require modification (i.e. time and money). A friend of mine got the loop 900s, they’re great loopers out of the box.

Raider can be bought with a similar gap adjustment system. I think it’s the Raider EX. But they don’t fit as tight as the 900s.

You can also mod a pair of raiders and end up spending less than you would on a single loop 900. But if you crack the raider your up the creek without a paddle.

The main selling point of the Loop 900 is the ease of customization. Raiders, like mentioned before, require more time and more parts.

Although Loops are more expensive, its better than opening the yoyo, changing out the shims/spacers, closing it back up, realizing that its not how you wanting and repeating the process untill you get it right.

I’m not saying they are bad. But after having a pair for a day. I can already see I should have just ordered a bunch of plastic spacers and used my old raiders from the 90’s.

The modifications are not very costly to do. Some plastic spacers to sand down a little and then overtighten a little and voila.

I do agree that the loop 900s I have are more consistent in terms of response than any raiders I have.