Loop2020 -- the ultimate 2A yoyo?


I know 2A yoyo setup is kinda super tweaky because of the starburst response and the speed at which you do it… but this Loop2020 thing is crazy!

Per the official page it’s been in development since 2015! However it looks like it’s available on the Japanese yoyo sites now, so it is (apparently?) released finally.

Suitably tweaky intro and setup video

Worth noting that in addition to all that stuff, there’s also apparently LED light up caps you can put on it too :smiley:


Whoa!.. Yoyofactory just keep on moving forward, don’t they.

(Ken) #3

It’s like a ‘build your own yoyo’ yoyo


I think it’d be super cool if something like this could happen and work well with 1a yoyos :joy:

I know yomega tried something similar a while back but it was not that great


I’ll take two please…