The Future of 2a


About 20 years ago the yoyos became unresponsive. This revolutionized the style of play at the time. Ever since then, yoyos have been changing. But 2a yoyos have seemed roughly the same for a while now. The Loop 2020s are made to be customizable, but I think it just allows players to take the best of what we currently have. What do you think is the next level of design that takes 2a to a whole new level, whether its changes to the shape, string, bearing, response system etc? What will the changes affect IE. spin time, types of tricks, etc?

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Obviously; I’m not Hans…

But the 2020 ‘is’ the next level of design and potential functionality in 2A yoyos🤓

The only people that don’t or won’t recognize and/or appreciate that; are the people that can’t bother themselves to understand the 2020 system. Or the people that just feel more comfortable living in the past.

(ClockMonsterLA) #3

Does the 2020 have any new design element to it? I don’t refer to its “customizability”, the ability to swap out parts of different sizes, but the actual design of the yoyo once it is assembled. How does it significantly differ from, say, a Loop 720?


Unlikely since the platonic ideal of basic 2A design was long ago reached, wasn’t it?


well, technically, the 2a yoyo is basically what the average yoyo is at its core, but really it depends on the player and how they use it, not what the yoyo is. players like shu are innovating yoyoing to the next level, and the 2a yoyo essentially cant be modified to where it is absolutely sided to a fun yoyo or a competition geared yoyo; it basically already is, and its just up to you on how to use it.


But really that is what sets it apart. You can “mod” it yourself, without having any prior knowledge of how to make any modifications. If you’re new, sure, there might be a little trial and error involved with getting your setup to your liking, but it’s nothing like modding a raider.

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Well, sure, but does the mod-ability constitute “the next level of design that takes 2a to a whole new level”? I don’t know that it does. That’s the question the OP raises.


If it allows more people to easily find their ideal setup, I don’t see why it couldn’t


This is what is was thinking when I asked the question. At this point I’m just curious to see what Hans has to say.

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #10

The Porsche 911 was introduced in 1963 to replace the 356. It added two additional cylinders, more power and improved handling. Through the progression of time and refinement those elements are continually fussed over and refined. The 2018 Porsche 911 looks like a spaceship compared to the 1963 model. @codinghorror (hope I understand correctly what you are saying feel free to correct me) to say that the ideals of 2a were reached long ago is at best a quaint nostalgic sentiment (get Porsche guys together to discuss which is better 1963 vs 2018 911). The loop2020 vs a Raider may appear the same in silhouette but once you shine the light on the elements you will quickly learn that the experience is a paradigm shift in philosophy and evolutionary mechanical refinement. The loop720 gives us all a peek inside how the World Champs modified their Raiders 20 years ago, the Loop2020 provides the experience those players wished they could have achieved. (Sorry the wall of text. I’ll stop now. Feel free to probe my thoughts further if this didn’t answer the question)

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #11

The replaceable starburst is the gamechanger. The player gets to adjust the response setting without collapsing the string gap (when you collapse the string gap the spin time is reduced as the walls of the yoyo squeeze the string and cause unwanted friction). Additional gamechanger is the ability to add in LED’s without affecting weight.


This is great feedback @YOHANS! But a big part of what I what I’m curious about is what is next for 2a. Whether that is design or martial changes (I’ve never heard of a metal looping yo yo but I’m sure someone has tried it) So I’m just looking for your thoughts on what comes next.

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #13

Metal Looping yoyos have existed in the past (Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet with wood axle, Cold Fusion, Goldeneye). They all had flaws. It will take innovation like the Loop2020 system to overcome those barriers that existed in the past (yes we have a metal body prototyped). I am constantly mentally engaged in bringing the future closer to tomorrow and I hope you all enjoy the interesting products we have in store for you in the coming weeks, months and years.


I am a little surprised delrin / celcon / POM is not used in many looping yo-yos!

(ClockMonsterLA) #15

I also wonder what sorts of studies have been done on the effects of weight distribution on looping performance.


That’s an easy one. The '56 356 is better :grin:

Back to 2A though, the 2020’s are amazing! Wish I had that kind of control over my yoyos when I was into 2A, or looping as we called it in the 90’s, or two hand. Love my 2020’s!

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #17

@zslane I have a Bachelors in sleep time and PHD in looping shaped yoyo weight distribution (joke…but seriously I could teach the class). We have studied and tested all types of weight distribution on looping yoyos. I have collected many historically significant yoyos and benchmarked the different shapes for study. Old wooden yoyos were “center weighted” with a string gap the thickness of a nickel (wide gap) and a 1/4" axle. These were very forgiving to the player just starting to learn and master loops as the yoyo speed was slow and the “flips” were sloppy. Modern rim weighted looping yoyos came into vogue in 1976 with the ProYo. Rim weighted yoyos of that era still had the wide gap and slow speed of the wooden yoyos but they had a more precise “flip” due to the increased perimeter weight causing the yoyo to “maintain its angular velocity” or gyroscopic plane. This creates a greater demand from the skills of the player but also a much better result (crisper appearing loops).

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #18

Loop360 is POM. POM has weight density in it’s favor. Slippery surface. If you are curious I recommend you try the Loop360 to see if that material has an advantage to you. (low cost experiment)

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #19

@AaronW “356 is better” goes without saying. The Loop2020’s are precision machines. They demand a lot from the player (developed muscle memory, agility, muscle response and hand-eye-coordination. But if you put in the effort you will be rewarded with the best looping experience of your life.


The future of 2a changed and continue changing, one question why don’t other materials be used for 2a yo-yos and why do you got to buy them separately?