The Future of 2a

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #21

Maybe soon other materials will be used. The industry has been focused on perfecting the looping yoyo function. Material was not one of the errors of the function.


Great! For all of us it will a new thing to the yo-yo world and maybe it can’t be an error as famous people including you have used them in competitions.

(ClockMonsterLA) #23

In your opinion, does the 2020 offer compelling benefits over, say, the 720 to a new 2A player? Or is it too advanced for a newbie, who is better off starting with a 720?

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #24

@zslane when you are first learning 2A you want to focus on the motion and developing reaction time and muscle memory. The simplest model the better (almost compelled to tell you to start with a wooden “LEGEND” and a cotton string). The loop720 will accelerate your learning curve as it simply needs string and a clean bearing to keep functioning while developing the basic skill. Only after you have the knack would you even understand the subtle adjustments that the LOOP2020 provides.


What is the functional difference between the USA and Japan versions of the Loop720? Is it only the spacers, and does that determine the gap? I had previously assumed that the axle determined the gap.

Also, how would you describe them and recommend one over the other?

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #26

The two functional differences are philosophical really. The Red spacers from Japan squeeze the string for response. The Blue spacers allow the starburst to do the work.

The spacers in the loop720 determine the gap. (In the loop2020 the spacers “float” and create a unique clutching action, a predictable pause)

We have since joined the Japanese red spacer philosophy.



The main improvement needed in 2a needs to be in better bearings! I just coughed up $60 for two sets of ceramic bearings.

(Jim Honaker) #28

Hans, you mentioned learning on a simpler setup. Perhaps the 720 with red spacers being the standard. I went the opposite route recently. I purchased the 2020 knowing that it could potentially give me options in the future. Without the frustration of trial and error, what would be the “standard” setup equivalent to the 720s?

Now one of our gracious members sold me his unopened set of 720s for a very good price, but I wrapped them to open on Christmas with the kids. But I’m curious what setup would be the beginner setup with the 2020.

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #29

@jhonaker the Loop2020 “kit” comes built with #2 axle, #2 spacers(white) and #2 starburst. It’s a pretty neutral setup but still requires you to loop a bit aggressively(think fast or with speed) to get the loop angle and shape correct. Don’t be afraid to swap in 1 black spacer or 1 #1 starburst to slow it down a little bit.

Obviously getting the string length is the first concern though.


(Jim Honaker) #30

@YOHANS I definetely shortened my string a bit. Measuring to the bottom of my belt buckle. I also use it on #2 everything and use Kitty Fat. I get about 2-3 loops and the it’s spinning like a forward UFO/Suacer. I feel like my throw is the same but alas it goes wonky.

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #31

Use Type6 white poly from YYF. Then try again.

If the string is too fat the Loop2020 will angle down to the floor and the shape of the loop will be a big slow circle. Fat string totally throws your timing off if you don’t have hyperspeed looping talent.


(Jim Honaker) #32

Thank you. Is Kitty Normal similar to type6? I have a box of it.

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #33

Not sure. Haven’t played with it yet.



Yohans I truly appreciate the Porsche metaphor. Like a new Porsche 911 to a Loop 2020 the biggest difference is customizability for the experienced user. The original 911 could also be compared to the Loop 720. It’s a great starter yo-yo and has some small customizations that can be done. Don’t know how to Loop or still learning try it as is with the string it comes with. As your skill level grows try different string and see how that feels. Just like a new driver to a track would start with the base 911 and after some practice change to a different tire. But as a drivers skill level increases he wants options like corner balancing, different wheels and tires, a suspension with customizing ability, more control over the pcu or engine stats over time. In the same way as a player gets better he may want a more or less agressive response starburst, a wider or narrower string gap, varying shims and a different string choice. These may all seem like minor differences but a driver who can corner balance and set up his suspension and engine and tires in a way someone else can’t is going to get around the track as much as 20-30 seconds faster then someone without those options. Just as Shu could get onstage with a couple of 720s and do a great job but with a couple personally setup 2020s could carry off more and bigger tricks. Even in the world of yo-yo competitions it’s easy to see how just that little extra edge can be the difference between a great performance and a spectacular one. Personally I think the future would either have to come down to more dexterity of the player ie. Shu’s flips and tricks or possibly a longer string for crazier wraps. I know a short string is optimal but if someone manages to use a longer string with control and does crazy body wraps I guarantee everyone else in 2A is going to work themselves crazy mastering it too.