So I noticed that within the last 4 years or so, there have been less and less 2A players in the US.
Like, back in 05 and 06, there were tons of 2A players and also many rising 2A players during that time.
But it seems that some quit 2A, and a few quit yoyoing almost completely, but I wonder why nobody else has taken up 2A or really tried to focus on it.
The only player who really seemed to progress and really try it recently is Grant, but there is pretty much nobody else.

Now here is the thing, in the US, there are not many new 2A players, but in Japan and Hong kong, there are a bunch of new rising 2A players, like, they come out of nowhere and have some crazy tricks.

So I am just wondering, in you guys opinion, why are their not any new 2A players in the US? maybe I am just not noticing any possibly I am not sure, but it sure seems like there aren’t.

Another thing.

I have talked to many people in the chat rooms who all agree that 2A play lacks any innovation. What do you guys think of this statement?
I think 2A has changed allot over the last 5 years actually although some seem to think it hasn’t.

So my question really is, what would all of you like to see in the 2A style? What do you think the future of the style is? and what can bring it back to be the popular style that it once was?



Im dieing to learn 2A… Im waiting for Loop 900s to come out before I buy an loopers though… Just to be sure… While waiting I started trying to throw with my left hand, and have accually picked up 3A because of it. Its fun…

My thoughts on the lack of innovation is simply, theres not much you can make up anymore… I say this knowing it will be true untill some one else figures something new out… There was a bit of a debate a while ago in the comments of a Paul Han video on youtube and some one said 2A is just who can do the most tricks in 3 minutes, and I think this is wrong, but almost what it seems to becoming. But its a style which is awesome to see because most every one has the same bag of tricks, but they just arrange them differently. I view it more as an artistic style rather than skillfull (dont get me wrong, it does take alot of skill)

One thing I’d like to see more is ussage of two strings, besides tanglers… Just some sort of kinks… like what alot of 3A tricks are founded on…

Dont worry though J!!! I hope to be looping with both hands in the next few months. I picked up a couple of Duncan LimeLights… They lack any true kind of response, so they are pretty rubbish…

I’ve always been the polar opposite of ambidextrous, and even if my left could do anything, I’m also a terrible looper. Better than I was, but still terrible. So, that’s why I don’t.

There doesn’t have to be a reason you know. There can just be fluxes with no reason, that need no explanation. And I believe this is one of thoses times. No stats needed, no professional graphs, just accept as is. I wish people could just do that.

With all this time that these ‘Professionals’ take making up these charts, they could be doing something useful.

But I"ve been rambling, and I digress,

I don’t know.

I play 2A some but not alot, I prefer 3A. But there are less 2Aers now. There are not very new 2A models coming out. That has a lot to do with why I think.

Honestly, I think that its because of the whole two handed thing? I’ve tried to loop with my left hand, and it is really hard (All respect to those who can do 2A lol). and in the world today, it’s either get it quick or move on, and I think that 2a has suffered because of it. People want to be the flashiest and learn something in time for a certain event, and re-learning everything on the left hand for competition just may not be worth it in some peoples eyes…

Q I think you are right, people now are like" oh, I can’t do it on my first try this sucks, I try that instead" Now a days people are impatient.

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i enjoy 2a the most next to 1a, can’t wait for the 900’s to come out, i really enjoy the challenge of it, it keeps me going and looping 2 handed is just such a cool feeling, i think a lot of people just play other styles more due to the fact that there are so many more 1a style yoyo’s and all the crazy metals around keep people buying new throws to continue playing those other styles of play, i think once the 900’s are out there will be a little more interest in 2a

I think it’s because of the fact that it simply just takes lots and lots of practice to get well at it. Once you get 1a down, the other styles just kind of flow from it, to an extent, and with unresponsive yoyos nowadays, people can learn ladder escape just like that snaps. 2a is totally different from the rest and using a left hand while doing something totally different from your right hand? Wow.

I do some 2a. I’m trying to get better, I just don’t have enough time to practice. Oh well.

I’m attempting 2A as we speak with the Dominators by Peterfish. Though I can do many things with my opposite thing, the only thing that’s not possible is yo-yoing. I think the reason why 2A isn’t popular these days among the competition is because it’s a challenging thing. Back then 0A (looping) was the main style and then someone made 2A; then the ball bearing was invented and 1A evolved to what we know today. It’s the hype of trying to keep up with players of today is why 2A is less popular but remember, anything is a fad and fads will either rise up and stay for a while or fall down. Soon in the future, 2A is going to be one of the most popular styles in America. It’s entertaining, requires more coordination and involves a lot of exercise to move around. Don’t worry Jayyo, everything will work out.

I’m workin on it Josh! I’m slowly getting better. But I kinda understand the ‘lack’ of innovation, I can’t really explain it. It’s kinda of like once people get good, with the normal tricks they aren’t really interested in new stuff. I don’t know. Less tutorials online or something? haha, anyway…

As to the lack of new players, I have an idea. I love watchin a great 2a player, but all you really see around the internet are great players. With other style’s, beginners seem more apt to throw up a video, let other people show that progress exists. I haven’t seen a true beginner 2a video, so it can kind of give the impression that it sort of just happens overnight, and if you can’t jump right in, don’t bother. I know it takes tons of practice and I’m workin on it, but some other people might not realize it. Just my idea. ;D

Going along the lines of this, I think people dont show beginner 2a videos is because they dont want to humiliate themselves by hitting themselves in the head with their non dominate looping hand. Or with their big unnecessary motions. Like using their whole are rather than just their wrist or their finger. If you think about it, it looks like they are summoning a whale…(its funny actually) While in other styles, if you drop the yoyo, you drop the yoyo nothing much about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you don’t need to be ambidextrous to play 2-handed.  :wink:

Your wish will come true!  :slight_smile:

I’m worser than the worst looper in the world. I can’t even do a loop with one hand. whenever I do it, It always goes into a ufo style if u know what I mean.