2a community?

I feel that 2a yo-yoing is a neglected style, I may be wrong it could be the most common but its just my opinion. I am starting to get into it and just wanted to know who else is an avid 2a thrower? I think it is the most impressive style and it should get more attention. But what are your thoughts? Just wondering.

Even though i havent tried a looper yet i cant wait to get a looping yoyo and learn the style. it is so impressive looking

I think loopers are the most popular non yoyo yoyo… like cheap dollar store ones. You don’t see a butterfly in dollar stores… so loopers are very common (compared to others). However, most people start off learning 1a (I think) because it contains the basic elements used in most other styles EXCEPT for 2a. Thus, I believe many people (e.g. me) do not move to 2a because it’s so foreign.

Analogy: It’s more common for a tennis player to play badminton, or a volleyball player to play basketball, because they’re similar. You do not see many dancers do football for instance, because they’re so different. And because most dancers are girls. ;D

I agree entirely it feels weird at first but it is my style of choice now.

I do enjoy some 2a

It’s very impressive, but I think peope stay away from it more because it’s a harder style ( atleast foe most people)

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I feel 2A is the 2nd most popular style of yoyoing, I may be wrong but there are a lot of people

talk about 3, 4, 5A

The problem is that watching someone do 2a, while amazing gets boring(that’s not really the right word). I feel this is due to it’s fast pace and it just becomes reprinting. 2a takes mad skill and I can barely loop with one hand but unless you are REALLY good as well as creative. As a layman you could be amazed but after a few minutes you could potentially have “seen it all”. If you know a little about yoyos though you can really see technical skill that goes into it.

In the 90’s 2a was the ish and everyone was doing it. That may also be because there was no unresponsive play then but I don’t know. I just know I can hop the fence for like 20 minutes.

2a is not my style. Why? i’d end up breaking things (even if i wasn’t inside :D)

yea im just starting 2a ive been practicing w/ raiders but i just ordered a pair of loop 900’s

2a is one of the illest styles to yuggles