What is the most popular style of yoyoing?


from what i see its either 1a or counterweight, but i could be wrong


if i asked the same question, i might think on the same line.
most people start yoying on 1A these day.


1a is the most popular style of competition play. But for just yoyoing ingeneral? I’d say one handed looping and front style.


i agree


The way I see it is 1A, 2A, and 5A.

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dude, hardly anyone ever does 2A anymore!


But that is the style everyone knows. Even non-throwers

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1A is how yoyos were first made … and IMO it’s the easiest to learn.


1A and it’s not particularly close.


Thanks guys, i do 1a and its my favorite but i want to try offstring. thnx again

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Just one more reason to go ahead and learn it! Quite frustrating though…

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1A and 0A


oA is not even an existing style. There is only 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, and 5A.


You would be surprised.


owned. haha


my thoughts exactly


people should read that.
i am surprised the first time i see it. :smiley:

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thats an awesome link, I didn’t know half of those styles exist and on the original post I think that good old 1A is the most common style of play, but when people think about yoyo that dont throw yoyos they would think of a combination of 0A and 1A.

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