My fault - but confusing

After watching the videos and reviews for the Loop2020, I expected the yoyo to be flexible and modifiable. On the review and order page it showed a picture of the system modification parts.

The Loop2020 does not come with those parts. Upon discovery, I went back to the order page and order what I though would be parts for the yoyo. The parts I ordered are evidently only one size of an axle. Upon looking further, the “parts kits” in the drop down menu are also very partial kits.

I guess you just have to spend quite a bit to get a collection of parts that are specific to the Loop2020.

Maybe a Loop720 or better yet a Raider are much better options.

PS. The Raider is a better option. The Loop 2020 was evidently a limited run. As with many premium yoyos, snatch them up quick. :frowning:


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I can order the loop 2020 here on YYE now if I wanted to. It’s not out of stock nor is it a limited run. And why do you think the loop720 or the raider are better?

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It is true they do still have some stock of Loop2020 at YYE. They also have a selection of the parts, piecemeal. With ala carte parts purchasing cost is very high.

The Loop2020 is no longer in production base upon the information at the YoYo Factory’s own website. The Loop2020 is listed as no longer available.

The “system” approach was a cool idea but if it cannot be supported for the long term it isn’t worth the investment, at least for a hobbyist like me.

A Raider works out of the box and doesn’t require much tweaking if any. There are certainly better alternatives such as the Match, the RaiderEX, the Sunrise and others.

Most of the “loopers” are plastic yoyos and therefore easily and inexpensively replaceable. You don’t need the Rube Goldberg engineering of the 2020 that is probably more prone to Mruphy’s Law.

Just my opinion, everybody has one. YMMV

Oh no I hope this isn’t true. Can you share the link to the website please where you have read that?

The Loop2020 is not available anywhere on the YoyoFactor site. When you search the rewind and members only sections as well you will find it unavailable.

Oh no. I’m starting to get nervous.
@AndreBoulay, is it true that the Loop 2020s aren’t in production anymore? Once they are sold out they will be gone forever?

I think the price is fair. A pair of response pads costs 2$ and for 4$ you can buy a pair of starbursts and starbursts last almost forever. If you want to buy two loop 2020s with all the available axles, starbursts and spacers it will cost you 89.94$. I think that price is ok. But in the world of looping yoyos that price is expensive so I can understand you.

Being able to tweak the yoyo is the entire point of the Loop 2020. And the Loop 2020 also works right out the box and doesn’t require any tweaking either. You can immediately start to play with the default setup that comes already installed in the Loop 2020.

…but… what if I want the Rube Goldberg engineering in a looping yoyo :confused:, I love the idea that I can change how a looping yoyo plays. If I practice long wrap tricks I can make subtle changes that will inrease my spintime, if I want super fast loops I can increase the response etc. I think that’s awesome.

The price of the Loop 2020 honestly seemed pretty cheap for what it was offering. The Loop Up is the only thing I know of that’s seemed comparable and it looks like it’s a bit more expensive to get one plus try all the optional parts. I don’t really see going out of production as much of an issue though. That’s just the nature of yoyos in general, a small hobby with limited runs of things unless there’s a big continued demand for it.

Loop 2020 is still being made.

We continue to stock all parts.

We added Ti axles

Next stock release will be prebuilt led versions where 2020 is unmatched.


can the batteries inside the led caps be replaced?

2020 solves a lot of problems but it creates a bunch too. It’s not the yoyo for everyone but it has its place.

Yes. You take the caps off and they are easy to remove.

I feel The brightness of the leds and on off switch make them superior to any other light up.



Maybe you could add a presence to your website? As it is, you would never know.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

I received my Loop2020 on Friday. It feels very nice in the hand. It’s surface texture and density are exceptional. The 2020 wants to loop!

I was relieved when yyfben2 commented that they were continuing to produce the 2020 and it would be available on their website again soon.

In any case, I ordered a second 2020 to make it a pair and a comprehensive set of modification parts for each.

I guess I’m not confused any longer! That is a feat in itself! :wink:

Thank you.


I received my large order of parts for the Loop2020 System today. I purchased 2 of every kit and part available. The order totaled about $150. I expected the Type 1, 2, and 3 parts kits to include bearings. The Loop2020 specification calls for a YoYo Factoy YYF SPEC XS bearings. I cannot find a listing in the YYE store for that bearing.

Anyone know of a source?

Thank you

PS. I checked the YoYo Factory Store. That bearing is sold out! Yikes!

You can purchase this bearing here

The loop 2020 already includes these bearings. You don’t need to order them unless you want replacement bearings

OK. I saw those but I wasn’t sure it would work for the 2020.

I have ordered a couple.

Thank you for your help!

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Jeff, if you haven’t made your order yet you can consider getting this product

these can fit a loop 2020 according to yoyoexpert staff.

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