It's here

Guys the loop 900 has been unvailed

I need some!!!

that was an swesome video!!! any idea of price or any info on it? looks like at the end it has something like a speed dial but uses like a key to adjust response, and do you know if it uses the same string response system?

I seem to remember someone saying that it would be around $25. All the pictures that I have seen show that it will have starburst. As far as I can tell it seems to be a Raider with a gap adjustment similar to the latest Velocity.

^ that’s what I heard

Seen it. Want it. Done deal. I’m getting a pair as soon as they drop.

Same here bro, I can’t wait 'till these babies drop. Been playing my old 720’s latley and I think I’ve pushed them past their limit. :stuck_out_tongue: