Product Review - Loop 900 by Josh Yee |

Thats right, I outsourced this review to the extremly talented Josh “Jayyo” Yee. I havent spent alot of time looping seriously in almost 10 years, but I am slowy working my way back using my pair of white Loop 900’s and Joe Harris’s instructional DVD. I wanted to get the Loop 900’s reviewed, but my 2a level of experiance is not at a level that I feel I can appropriatly provide feedback so I defered to Josh who is arguably, one of the best 2a players not currently sponsored by a company. In this case, I purchased an extra pair of Loop 900’s for Josh when they were released. He played them for a week, and gave me a write up. I present’s first associate reivew, the Loop 900’s by Josh Yee.


In a world where 1A is the dominant style of yoyo play, companies strive to produce the next best thing for that style. Almost every week you see a company posting on the online forums and blogs about their new design and protos of these wide gap, wing shaped yoyos. And these are all wonderful for sure, but, what about 2A? Yoyofactory has been working hard to produce the next best 2A yoyo by taking advice from many of the top 2A players of the world and producing many different prototypes until they felt that they achieved absolute perfection for a 2A yoyo.
Knowing quite a bit of 2A myself, I was happy to take Chris up on his offer to do a review for the new YoYoFactory Loop 900.
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