When a crowd watches you yoyo...


So I’m pretty sure most of you have had a crowd watch you yoyo. So when did it happen? How often does it happen? How big was the crowd? So just share your experience having a crowd watch you yoyo. And one more thing, Yoyoing at a contest doesn’t count. This is about when you’re just throwing around.


About every month in front of 15 to 100 people, mostly kids. Places from schools to camps, so on and so forth.


When ever I yoyo at disneyland in line. I usually have 5-20 ppl watching. One time about 20 people in the space mountain line applauded after I threw a short combo. I always carry a yoyo jam classic with me to show anyone who is interested how to throw. I always receive a very positive response. Some parents thank me for keeping there kids entertained in long lines.


Usually just in the middle of the street.

I tend to get struck by a few panties a week.




I’ve gotten that. I think it’s pretty cool that people take interest into what I’m doing :smiley:


Everyday during the school year at school (in high school). At least once every time I go out with a yoyo especially when I do 3A. No joke 1 time at school during lunch in the quad, someone threw a baseball about a foot above me while I started to do an Eli hop upward. I ducked then next thing you know everyone was in awe and some one shouted DAMN WE GOT A BAD*** OVER HERE!


Yoyoing without a care in the world right before a showing of a Cirque du Soleil show (at my seat; the arena was still well-lit and all that)… probably had at least a few hundred watching idly at any given time. No nerves whatsover. Didn’t care about missing tricks and was just practicing the tricks I felt like.

On stage at a contest, nervous as heck and probably only 30 people watching who were really paying attention. Haha!

In any event, I yoyo everywhere. My biggest “crowds” are usually just in line at fast food restaurants or in line at the grocery store. However, I can’t say that very often I’ve had a whole circle of people form around to watch. When a group actually focuses and says “whoah, can we watch you play?” or whatever, it’s usually just a small group of foot traffic people who know each other… group of friends or a family all stop for a moment and watch together and ask questions. No sudden big crowds gawking in amazement or anything like that. :wink:


I usually have a routine together because I do tons of talent shows in my area so I am ready and calm.

(⛷) #10

Being as handsome as I am, everyone runs in fear as soon as they see me. I guess that’s why there are no crowds to watch me yo. ::slight_smile:


Always wondered why that happened with me…I guess now I know. :wink:


I’ve yoyo’d for like 25 people at my work one time and it was funny because they were all drunk and one guy was hyping them up so everybody reacted to all my tricks. At the bus terminal I also get a lot of people watching often I think I almost made somebody get in to a car accident once because they weren’t looking at the traffic lights (woops)