D.C Quake

(G2 Jake) #1

Just a little something I put together from a recent trip.
let me know what you think.

(G2 Jake) #2

Do you guys get the same reactions when you yoyo in a busy public place?


It’s been years since I’ve thrown in public but when I did, people seemed really intrigued.

(G2 Jake) #4

My favorite thing is when they take pictures of you, but act like they aren’t.


I do get a lot of people stopping me to talk. Not too many photos yet, though. One person took a video. I think the lack of photos is more due to not being in many tourist-trafficked areas.

Cool video!


Nice! You seem very comfortable and natural.

I have never played yoyo in a busy place before. Sometimes my dogs give me this “what?!?!” stare, but thats probably more about me than the yoyoing.


lol, so I guess yall know what it feels like to start a crowd as well.