Whats your take on nylon string?


ive been hearing a lot of hate bout it! its my favorite! what do you guys think about it? (i use nylon kittys )


Ordered a 10 pack today. Pretty excited for them to come in

(George Wollaston) #3

I’ve got about 150ish nylon Kitty Strings right now. I stick them on all my throws, they’re pretty good. :slight_smile:


Are they as long as the regular Kitty strings??


I have tried kitty nylon and i absolutely hate it. To me, it doesn’t whip or slack as nice, gets dirtier quicker, and feels weird. Plus, it’s more expensive than regular poly, which in my mind, is better.

(NotATyrant) #6

Dead Threads has pretty good nylon. Getting some more this weekend


Got in my nylon kittystring today, and I really like it. After 3 straight hours its still fine! Very comfortable and controlled string. Using my Yeah3 with dey ceramic bearing combo. Very satisfied


I have tried blended nylon strings. Twisted A and A1. I like how they perform but I am not a fan of the way they feel. The plastic-like texture just feels unnatural to me.


On nylon strings don’t use when its humid outside you get string burn easy unless you have gloves