whats your ringtone?

What us the ringtone for your phone? the little song that plays when you get a call? Mine us chocolate rain as a joke with my friends, and when i get a text is a little “ding dinggg”. What about you?

When I get a call, ‘Barbara Ann’ by the Beach Boys. When I get a text, the level up fanfare from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow.

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A lone bagpipe playing.
For messages I have a church bell tolling.

bagpipes___scotland.mp3 (408 KB)

4730_Peal.mp3 (171 KB)


I’ve got the Legend of Zelda theme playing when someone calls and the victory noise from Final Fantasy as a text tone.


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Animals by Martin Garrix for my ringtone and the Mario “One up” sound effect for my text message alert.

I usually have sound off on my phone so the ringtone is “Bzzzzzzt, Bzzzzzzt, Bzzzzzzt”
But my ringtone when I have it on is this:
;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D

I used to have the One Up sound for text messages when I was running a full Mario themed phone (wallpaper, ringtone, text tone, and case) =). Good times.


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http://youtu.be/AVy7YPNP_zIm - is my Ring tone

My text is Buckle Your Pants From Battle Block Theatre

Mine is always on vibrate.

The wonderpets “the phone is ringing”

Gods and Monsters, Lana del Rey

It used to be the “I like to move it move it!” From Madagascars, but then I had my phone on a super high volume setting, and it went off in an elevator full of people. Talk about Awkward! Now, I use the theme from The Hobbit.

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Currently mine is set to Saints Row the third in-game cell phone ringtone.

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Nyan Cat

*I’m dead serious

The Walking Dead theme song

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Guile’s theme

It goes with everything.

scary monsters and nice sprits.

right after the drop.

Super Smash Bros Brawl theme.

But only for those I’ve assigned. My phone’s broken, so it won’t let me change the default ringtone :-/

Ah, I finally fixed it :smiley:

It’s now “lovely” by twenty one pilots

I use the intro of “The Hellion/Electric Eye” by Judas Priest :slight_smile:

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