Tykie22: PM'ing failed so please read.

Yes I gave you permission to text me. I am now revoking this privilege.

I’m out of country and so far your 4 texts have cost me $10 because I’m getting nailed $2.50 per message right now. After 2 I pm’ed you via YYE asking you to stop. 2 more were just received.

You’re also not following advice so I further fail to see why you are wasting my time(and now money) on asking me for help via text.

I’ve not responded via text because I don’t feel it’s worth $2.50 to respond.

Here are your final responses:
Your dm2 with the slim bearing isn’t being stupid, it needs some thick lube if you want it responsive. I recommend yyj thick lube. However I know you will try something else.

How to know when poly string is worn? It looks dirty, has little to no stretch or bounce and may show signs of starting to fray.

Sorry. But if you want further help, take it to pm or the forum. I will invoice all further messages and you won’t like the fee.

(Sorry to appear to be a jerk but I am out $10k for this useless trip I am on and that is killing my business and may set things back 3-5 years as I have to replace 2 items that will run me $4k each minimum. Money got tight on me.)



Wha the heck its you.

He’s been more active recently.

Especially with FHZ talk…

It’s really retarded that they charge you automaticly everytime you recive a text!

I have a plan set up where I get Free incoming calls and texts.

You may find there’s a clause in your contract that you only get free incoming for domestic. Maybe not. But roaming tends to have a whole different set of rules.

Yea It’s free Incoming until I leave the US.

Then your point is moot.

big ups.

I’m roaming around in Vietnam right now, so international cell phone screw-job-ism is the rule of the day. I’m getting nailed by text messages, my wife is taking it via this annoying person she keeps having to say the same thing to over and over again.

Forcing back on topic: local yoyo prices are often a bit more expensive here in Saigon. I miss my domestic retailers! I miss the better selection, the better prices and I do not miss the fear if being run over my a scooter to enjoy YoYos!!

Studio42, expect a PM.