What's your ride?

Hadn’t seen this topic, at least not for a while, so what are you driving these days?
(Please no brand wars, this is merely a topic of fun.)

Anyway, I’m in my Skyblue 1985 Chrysler LeBaron. Luxury trim, white cloth top. Thinking about painting it in the way of an Old School gang car. Black with a white top. Honestly, this car isn’t worth the effort, bought the thing for 450, gets good enough gas mileage. Hated it when I first got it, but I love it now. In fact, I had to get it worked on this week, and while it was in the shop, I just felt so empty.

1999 vw golf …black on black…I have to jump start it every morning…fahrvergnügen…

my feet

Hot wheels :-\

My skateboard! haha

2010 Kia Soul. 40 miles to the gallon! ;D Cheap refills. I love it. The sound system works beautifully as well. It was a graduation gift.

a minecart with either powered tracks or a powered minecart behind me

Volvo V70 2.5T

The first pic is a stock pic.
The last one is mine.


… I wish :smiley:

Samad. Fixie? I’m jelly.

Either my bike or my 2003 Focus SE. I want to sell the dang thing though, looking at a VW, for better gas mileage and tuning a bit. Wanna get a Golf mk4. We will see how the summer plays out though.

Nah, single speed freewheel.

99 Taurus. Dark green with a tan interior. YEAH LIKE YOUR MOMMA WOULD DRIVE.

'07 Ford Focus 4 door, Genesis V2100 Dual-Suspension Mt Bike, my feet, and my skateboard.

1964 Ford Fairlane. My wannabe rat rod!

2001 Honda Accord: sunroof, good gas mileage, bought with a winning lottery ticket!