Whats your opinion on a good plastic

So i have been looking into getting a high end plastic. I have been stuck between the c3 halo, severe, the v, trigger, and the protostar or north star. I have never played any of them and i just wanted to know your opinion, which you prefer, and comments on them.

i would pick ethier a severe(delrin),halo or the v if you want a delrin, but for on a buget a northstar.
i have a severeI(delrin) and it really good, it plays like a supernova but made of delrin.

Get the Severe and DO NOT LOOK BACK!

(And you won’t!)

Yeah, severe. If you don’t get it, you will receive a punishment, and it will be SEVERE. Did you see what i did there?

The YYF Pro Packs will have plastics in them if your happy to get a metal as well. They’re great value, currently they have a protostar and a superstar for $60. But otherwise the Severe

The protostar and the northstar are about the same its just one a little heavy than the other. Seems like you considering delrins throws and just like to say they grind better than plastics so if you do a lot of grinds than go delrin. A lot of people think the severe is awesome. I haven’t play some of those throw but I think the protostar very good.

Severes ROCK!!!