Severe or protostar

hey guys
i need a throw where i can take around places cuz my whip just isnt enough. i have a chief and sasquatch but i dont really like taking my metals out, so i need a plastic to take on the go everywhere i go. ive narrowed my choices down to the new severe which is made of delrin and the protostar which is a plastic. your help is much appreciated.

Haven’t tried a Severe yet, but I say go with it.

Severe sounds better.

Love my Protostar but it cracked so you might try the Plastic Severe.

kind of weird that the replies says sever but the votes says protostar. hehe.

They don’t. :-/ 4 votes for Severe, 0 for Protostar as of this reply.

Yeah I looked at it again, must have missed it. :confused:

I’d say trigger

Same. Its my outside throw. Just bounces off everything. With virtually no damage. A weight ring popped out once when it fell out of my jacket pocket. However as soon as I put it back in it played like new.

Since the choices are Severe and Protostar, and I only have the Protostar, but I have other delrin yoyos, but I also have no interest in the Severe, I’m still going to recommend the Severe.

Extra durability, gives you what you want from a metal, but with less damage than plastic.

Either one, you won’t be disappointed. Protostar is way good for its price, and I’ve heard some good stuff about the Severe. I would suppose Severe would be a little better durability wise since it’s solid delrin instead of the weight ringed Protostar.

I’ve heard a lot of good about the Trigger as well, except there was one encounter where their son’s Trigger shattered when it hit the sidewalk outside.

I have not played a Protostar, but I have a Northstar and a Severe, and I would say Severe.

severe since you can do better grinds also if you have that much i would go with a dv888 or if you can save 11 dollars and get a di base

I actually have both, and the Protostar is way way better
The sever is only slightly better on grinds

Get the Protostar, or a Northstar. They are much better yoyos than the Severe.

Alpha Crash.

Can you IRG on the severe?

It works if you pop the caps out.

i have heard a lot of good things about the severe. i have a protostar and it is also really good, but i would go with the severe

Get a onestar.