Severe better than lyn fury?

I love metal throws just as much as the next guy but I still can’t seem to stop buying plastics. I have had my lyn fury( all black cap less) for a year now and I love it just as much as the day I bought it. With Christmas just finishing and the tidal wave of gift cards I received I think it’s time for a new one. I know the protostar is a good candidate but I’ve been hearing so much about the severe that I almost don’t have a choice. Deep down I am a YYF type guy So that’s another factor that comes into play. It’s safe to say I’m stuck in a bind lol. My top picks are chaser, severe, or protostar…what to buy, what to buy???

It all comes down to preference but I would pick Severe or maybe Protostar.

get a popstar and a protostar >> with the deal you can get both for $45 total the same as a severe

well worth it ! ;D

There is nothing wrong with liking plastics. There’s nothing wrong with liking affordable yoyos either.

As far as your upgrades:

The Chaser is heavy and plays fast and light. Wow.

Protostar: proven favorite and winner. Noisy though and a bad grinder. If you aren’t into grinds and don’t mind the noise, do not hesitate.

Severe: not a model I am interested in. That aside, I can’t see anything wrong with it. The new Delrin Champion Editions one is affordable and probably would be an excellent fit for you.

Get the severe. It’s by far the best plastic ever made. Not even kidding!

I totally agree.

awesome feedback. I have been working on grinds and my wife isn’t a fan of loud throws so I’m def going with either the severe or chaser prob severe. The popstar protostar deal is enticing as well thou lol

Severe better than the Lyn Fury?

But seriously though, I’m a plastic yoyo kind of guy too.

I love paying so much less for an almost equal level of performance. Both types have there pros and cons but I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for everyone when I say being disappointed in a 20$ throw is much better than being disappointed with a 120$ theow

I would pick the Delrin severe. I’ve had a chaser and currently own a protostar. I’d choose the severe. Such an amazing plastic

Personally, I liked the Lyn Fury over the Severe. The Severe didn’t really “do it” for me. It’s a better size though. But hey, that’s just me.

Ain’t nothing wrong with plastic.

But… the… severe is… plastic. lol

And I still like the Lyn Fury better!

I think we should consider the Delrins to be plastics. They aren’t the same plastic we general associate with, but it is a plastic. While I don’t like the delrin Severe, I have a feeling this one is going to go down as one of the top delrins.

We neeed to start the trend of posting memes more often

The Severe is superior to a lot of plastic yo-yos because it’s machined. It’s smoother initially
and will stay smoother longer.

The Severe is my favorite plastic and one of my favorite yoyos. Nuff said.

I haven’t tried a Severe, but even sight unseen I would wager that it performs better than the Lyn Fury. I say this because I have several plastics including a Lyn Fury, a Chaser and a Trigger, and even in that set of plastics, the Lyn Fury is not the best performer.

However… I think the Lyn Fury might be the most fun. So it really depends on your priorities. The Lyn Fury is light and nimble, and not particularly stable (you can’t be too sloppy with it!)… but it’s fun whipping that little sucker all around.

Im so glad i bought one of these. Id feel so left out