What's your next contest?

I was wondering what is the next contest you are competing in/attending.

Worlds 2024 baby :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Worlds all the way. First time!

sweeeeeeet! I am going to worlds as well. going for pro division. but I am going to us nationals next month.

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Possibly Midwest regionals but if not then Nats

Prepping for nats then worlds! Super excited since it’s my first time for both :slight_smile:

Nats. Just attending.

Im competing at nats and worlds. see yall there!


I haven’t competed before, am asking if there are any competitions near the Los Angeles?

Us nats I have contemplated sport and there’s a guy at club trying to get me to do it. We will see.

maybe va states if that is still happening

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Sadly Va states won’t be happening however I’m working on a DC contest late spring 2025. I have a few things I’m working out to solidify a venue and some judges before I’m comfortable making anything solid but DMv throwers are trying to get something going

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Six weeks until Nats. I don’t think I’ll be ready, and it’s a big trip to a comp I know I won’t win.
Can’t decide if I should put in a 5A routine that’s good but not top 3 good, or if I should put in an unscorable 0A routine.

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Is this still in the making? I’ll be back up there around then.

Still working on it but goal is spring / early summer next year.

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Nice. I will most definitely be coming! Can’t wait to see the updates