US Nationals 2024 Philadelphia

Looks like us nats will be in Philly this year, pretty hype as it’s really close


So excited for us nats this year! It will be my first time ever going to it so i am very excited!


The only thing is that I just wish it wasn’t so close to Worlds (in regards to both time and location). Would make sense to have it in Arizona just one more year so more west coast peeps can attend, cause all the east coast dwellers already have Worlds to go to this year. Will probably only go to one of em, and obviously Worlds is the one to go to.


Arizonia was wonderful. I had a great weekend.

I will be attempting to make it to nats. We will see :heart:

I may not be able to make it, though I would like to go. Firstly, I have a baseball tournament lined up for that weekend, but more importantly, if I’m already probably going to worlds, then I can’t just ask my family to fly to this one to.

Anyone know when the spectator passes will be available for us nats?

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Probably when registration and everything else becomes available. It appears only the homepage is set up for 2024 all the other links are for 2023

For me, its right next to my place, so itll be great for me! Also, when is signup gonna be open?

with NER registration it came out around a month before the contest so it will probably be in may.

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So Nats is in PA thats only a 3 hour drive for me… I might be able to go to this. this is a hard maybe and on my birthday which would be neat.

Unlike worlds which is a hard no as it overlaps with my wifes due date

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Schedule is out as well.

I can’t wait, haven’t been to Nats since 2000.


Whens signup gonna be?

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Registration to compete is live currently, not sure if you have to be a NYYL member to buy a spectator pass though, hopefully someone on here knows :slight_smile:

Edit answered my own question yes you do

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How do I find out when im a member? It just gives me the email right?

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Yep just click the link and set your password and your all set than go back to the website and click the register or spectator pass again

But for me it just sent an email to me confirming that i have an acount/im a member

Than you already set your password and username I am guessing, you should just have go back to the site and login with you information and sign up, im sure if you forgot you password or login they have recoveries

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