My mom just told me that for a vacation next year, i can either go to:
Canadian Nationals
maybe Worlds.

which one should i go to? i’m not necessarily going just for competing(i will) and i could do pretty good 1a.

world its where the skill is.

not that this will change my mind but i dont necessarily think i’m good enough to do well at worlds.that “maybe worlds” really ment “a low but existant chance of worlds”
in other words…preferabley not worlds.

Are you competing? Or just going to watch?

Worlds is awesome even if you dont do good.

Go to BAC. One of the best contests in north america. So much talent, and you could compete possibly depending on how good you are.

if you can’t go to the worlds you should go to the BAC, and if you aren’t that good you can compete in the Amateur devision