bac or worlds

should i go to bac or worlds next year. which do more ppl on the forums go to? how long does bac go on for? is bac free? i need the details because i need to chose between the two.

thanks in advance,

Worlds lasts longer

i wish i could go to a contest
theres nothing good in Texas

Nothing in South Dakota either. But Worlds is awesome. But, As my dad whos never yoyoed in his life said “It seems like this sport is dominated by orientals.” Better brush up on your Japenese my friend.

You need to look harder my friend. I know of three contests i texas every year.

Go to both. If you can. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t find any in New Mexico. I think bac would be more fun but I really have no idea.

I would imagine more people would show to worlds. But worlds cost some serious cash I have been told. Like 45 bucks to go to the contest. And 70 to enter. Don’t quote me, this is just what I heard. And BAC is cool too, and I don’t think it cost any money unless you want to compete. Not a 100% sure though. Anyway, I’d totally go to Worlds if I got the chance. But both I’m sure are awesome. :wink:

I never paid. Never knew you had too…

i would DEFINITLY NOT be competing at worlds

I didnt either. I would have embarassed my self. But a lot of people did compete when they shouldnt have. But, I would only have done it to be able to brag “Yeah, You know… I competed at the World Yoyo Contest.” I might finally get some attention from girls. Yay!

The BAC is free and a lot of people show up. And it lasts from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

My friend elliot said he paid a lot to enter. Anyway, I may have misunderstood him.

Here were registration costs for Worlds 2010:

BAC is free to attend as it’s in a public venue but there is a cost to enter.

haha… Hope that wasnt illegal… I didnt know I swear!

All you do is walk in, or through. lol, it’s outside open to everyone.

Ok, like I said that’s what I heard. He was probably talking about the Hotel rooms or something then.

The BAC doesn’t cost anything. I went this year.

keep your yoyo spinning