That One Yoyo Competition


What is one yoyo competition that you will always strive attend no matter what?

For me it was BAC this year, hopefully I can also go to Worlds.

(kclejeune) #2

MN states and MWR


Even though I haven’t been there even once yet, next year I’m going to try to get to MA states for the first time, and then every year after. All previous years something has come up, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it first priority from now on instead. ;D


But what it I kill another relative at that time every year… and I’ll be your funeral planner.

I will always be on MA States. You will never attend that competition. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

(SR) #5

I’ve been pretty satisfied with all the contests I’ve been to up until this point. I live in Socal, where a majority of contests are held so I’ve been (on multiple occasions) to DXL, BLC, and Nationals.

There’s one I haven’t been to yet, and the BAC, up in San Francisco, I would like to go to that one but I’m not going crazy about it.

I’m never gonna get to Worlds, haha, It would be cool but it’s not just gonna happen.


You sir, are a sick man.

I like that about you.


CalStates, because it’s so close to me AND I do sound for it.

BAC, because I do sound for it.

Nationals: BECAUSE. Regardless if I get the sound contract for it, I’m going.


Southern California Yoyo Championships. It’s a lot smaller and basically a contest for nobodies but it’s the only contest that’s within driving distance from my place.

(Bína) #9

EYYC when it’s organised by Czech(so probably Wolrds next year will be awesome too :slight_smile: )

(Jei Cheetah) #10

I hate contest.

Probably Nationals.

(M.DeV1) #11

PNWR every year. Wouldn’t miss it!




I would go to worlds but it starts the day after school


Yup, PNWR.


BAC and Cal States :grinning::smiley::smile:


I loved both those competitions


I dont go to contests, I might start going to bay area… But Im going to go to nationals every year cuz its in my town, yup, i live in Chico! Look for a 13 year old, probably with his mom :slight_smile: I’ve narowed it down A LOT! So look for me.


Any contest would make me happy