yoyo contests


is anyone planning to go to any yo-yo contests to watch or compete? I’m Probaly going to go to Nationals 2009.


B.L.C maybe nats if I am really lucky

(Connor) #3

I’d love to go to one. :slight_smile: I dont think im good enough to compete yet though :-[


Worlds (like always) and IYYO.


do you plan to go to Nationals to watch?


i’d love to go to one too but i dont know when and where one is :’(


^^ well there is the National yo-yo contest in Chico,California the first saturday in october.


I would like to go but Chico is too far away just to watch. I’m also not good enough to contend with Yuuki and Augie! :frowning:


I’m hoping to go to B.L.C. I’m not sure if I want to compete or not, yet, though.


SoCal contest. I may compete for my age division. My goal is to get 8th.


well, its fun to watch them.


First of all, most people go to contests, to just hang out.

2nd, you will not need to go against Yuuki or Augie. They will put you in an age division, and I think maybe a skill division.

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #13

I’d love to go to one but i don’t think my doctors will let me be around so many people due to my medical conditions.


I’m a teenager so how good are the teenagers there?

For me, i can get most advanced tricks but the inter are my strong point.


Well, most teens about my age, are mostly not using this site anymore, making up their own tricks, and learning more techy tricks. I am doing all that, but I still use this site sometimes.

Have Fun Throwing,



This is a good site.

I made up a trick with my name in it.

Is that too conceited?

Anyhoo, how good are the teens at Cal State.


The same. Most are like, really good, and just don’t compete.

No, that is not conceited, but, I never name my tricks after anyone, haha.
Heck, I don’t name my tricks at all!!


Do the tricks people make up give them a place in the finals.

Look at the Yuuki Slack, It’s awesome!


Not really. You would have to be really good to get in the finals. If you are just doing advanced tricks, I don’t think you would go that far :frowning: (I hope I don’t sound mean)

Have Fun Throwing,



I get it.

1.Use expert tricks

2.When making up tricks, make up unbelievable tricks