Have you ever took part in Yo-Yo competition?(poll)

So,did you?

nope because i’d get dominated

I will for Worlds '09 and maybe Nats.

Im hoping i will be good enough to take part in a few compititions on 2009.

no, but I want to in 2010.

performed at SRC (uk comp)

I competed in the Sport Ladder at Mastates and NER 08. So yes I have. I"ll be freestyling at MaStates 09, and at NER.

~yo! shi!

id like to next year, but i don’t know where one would be in Oklahoma. later and remember keep it spinning.

nope, i still need to take ALOT more time to get what u guys think simple tricks down first.

I have a lot of tricks down but putinng them all together and speeding them up will take some time

I just Yo for fun not in contests, but i might go to my MN state one sometime :o ;D

I’ve only been yoyoing day and night for 2-3 weeks since I got hooked into yoyoing

No, I haven’t, because there are far too few yo-yoers (max. 10, I know only four) in Finland to take part in it. Perhaps I could compete in German Masters instead? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, just started a month ago.

I really only started yoyoing about 3 months ago and live in Ohio not much yoyoing goes on here plus only like 4 people in this City are cereal about yoyoing

Some time this year or next year my cousins and myself will be starting a local yoyo contest.

I will for my age division at the SoCal Contest this year.

hehe i don’t think ill ever go for one o.0 I don’t really take yoyo-ing that seriously, just do it for fun.

^^ love your profile pic. a lot like yoyoexperts.

I agree :slight_smile: