What's your most silent and loudest throw?

Well I throw in the office when I don’t need to do anything or waiting for something and just thought that maybe the sound is irritating someone else. I thought to make a topic then sinxe i searched and found none similar. If there is please give me a link to it.

Anyways most silent is genesis plus removed hubs with magicyoyo 10ball concave
loudest is northstar

Silent: YoYoEmpire Sun
Loudest: YYF Protostar.

Loudest: Northstar with dry bearing
Quietest: any metal with a well-lubed bearing

Quiet-dv888 with 10ball

Loud: trigger
Quiet: fire ball.

Loud:code 2

loud: northstar
Guiet: Come on. You make me laugh. Me? Have a silent yoyo?

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Loud: legacy 2 (need to lube the bearing but too lazy)
Quiet: Di Base

Loud: None all my throws have a Konkave, Konkaves aren’t that loud

Silent: hahaha that’s funny! Who’s ever heard of a silent yoyo :smiley:

One time I had the best bearing ever. The bearing made a heavenly quiet sound, I put it in my ranchero and I was amazed. It couldn’t be heard spinning unless the room I was in was completely silent. You’d be surprised about how quiet some yoyos can be.

All of my General Yo’s have been the most quiet when I first got them, but they did gradually get louder. The quietest one out of the bunch would have to be the KLR. I couldn’t even hear mine spin when I got it.

Loudest? My YoYoJam Trigger or YYF ProtoStar.

Ha, this was my same thought when I threw my Majesty down the first time. I was wondering if it was even spinning it was so quiet lol. It has gotten a TOUCH louder since I’ve been throwing it more though.

My loudest is definitely my Trigger. I think I can wake up the neighbors with that thing.

Loudest: Fast 201
Quietest: drop bear w/ freshly lubed crucial bearing

Silent:Oxy Ti9.06
Loud: trigger

Quiet: 1drop Deitz
Loud: Starlite/Protostar/Northstar (my wife is always like, “That is a loud yoyo”)

I’m glad to see all of the comments about the Trigger. I thought it was just mine!

Loudest: PSG

Quietest: Burnside with dry KK or Chief with dry chinese KK

I think my stock classic is more silent than my previously mentioned genesis plus.
Still loudest is my northstar though.

It really just depends on the bearing. The actual yoyo won’t make it sound any louder. Unless your using a YYF Wet Whistle…

Hard to say. Trigger, Protostar, Northstar being some of my louder items.

OD and CLYW among the quietest. I think my Victory was pretty darn close to silent.