What's your main set-up?

What’s your Favourite set-up for your throw? Wether it be for contest or just having fun, feel free to share and maybe even give recommendations to make the play different. Say for a Summit and your using ultra lights, but want heavier, ask for recommendations! It’s not really a game, as it is sharing what your style is, if it’s float you like of a big ol’ rock on a string!

Capital Serum, flowable silicone, Jake Elliot’s string.

I like really stable throws, around 66 grams, I like H cross V’s a ton, I don’t like too much center or mid weight but the right amount is nice and just enough center weight makes for a nice feel.

Currently I’m loving:

Madhouse Compulsion with Fat Green Kitty, Od Ten Ball

Tenyoyo Bebop with Fat Green Kitty and an Od ten ball.

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Today I’m rocking a shutter with flowable silicon, a CTX, and home made #6 string.

I prefer a floaty kind of throw and a smooth flowing play style. I like my binds to be tight and predictable… Flowable silicon almost feels like cheating… Almost.

Auldey Ares for Aerobatic freestyle. With KK 10 ball and Candywire Type S.
Auldey Ares for technical freestyle, with KK10 Ball and Yoyoexpert. Expert String.
YYF Aviator with Gold Centertrac bearing and Expert strings.
C3yoyodesign P.Wave with Delta wingcut JD bearing and Candywire Type S.
Shutter with standard Center trac and Expert Strings.
Ducan Strix with Standard KK and Expert Strings.
Ducan Barracuda with KK 8 ball bearing and Expert strings.
Yoyoexpert golves. :smiley: and YYF and Auldey Pads of course.

clyw chief - 1.5 kitty string - dif-eo bearing( not sure how to spell it ??? ) - aqua snow tires

Mine would be a Summit with Code1 Side-Effects, a Dif-E-Yo KK bearing, white snow tires, and Purple Normal kitty.

Somehow, the Summit almost feels floaty and move effortlessly across the string, even at 68 grams. Feels similar to a Canvas (sorta)

Peak with markmont Draken and 8 ball center trac and white snow tires
AC2 with slackline cleaned ctx and snow tires
Chief with yoyostring lab type x ctx and white snow tires

I change my throws daily… try to cycle them but…

AC 1 and/or 2 with Kitty regular or fat, depending on my mood… stock bearing


2sickyoyos Gambit, buddha whipple, kitty fat


Duncan FH Steve Brown sig that’s about 10-11 years old, Kitty regular, stock bearing (10+ years and counting, on 2nd set of pads) Love that thing and it has taken a beating! Great to just take anywhere. I can pull off some tricks on it and impress pretty easy.


When I know I’m about to try some stuff that may hurt the throw… Duncan Echo 2… thing is banged up, plays like a top notch throw still. Kitty Fat on that one for sure, still stock bearing.

Right now Yoyofficer Hatchet with One Drop 19mm pads, YYF string and Chinese Trifecta bearing. But soon will probably be replaced with Lava or Musket.

Turning Point Paranoid with Slim Kitty string.

A little One Drop oil, now and then; when the bearing starts eating itself.

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How does The Hatchet Play. Looks very nice

a yoyo, a bearing and a string :slight_smile:

that’s my main set up :smiley:

You can find few reviews here on forum. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/board,2.0.html
It’s my main throw for contests.

I just replaced the axle and silicone pads on my DM II and then changed the bearing to a center track. All that and a string that came with my Magic t12 and I am a happy camper!

GE, Twisted Trifecta, CLYW white pads, Kitty 1.5.

Summit Spike side effects, kitty nylon string, Trifecta bearing, Whit (or)Aqua snow tires

Avalanche Trifecta bearing, White (or) Aqua Snow Tires, kitty nylon (or) Slackline hybrid that someone gave me.

Cascade ,spike side effects, OD 10 Ball , kitty nylon string.

  1. Chief. Snow Tires. CTX bearing. Fat Kitty.

  2. Quake. G Grips. Twisted Trifecta bearing. YYSL Type X.

Turning point paranoid, stock response, ceramic delta bearing, yysl venom string

  1. Bonfire ,White Snow Tires, CTX, Fat Kitty
  2. Yeti, White Snow Tires, CTX, Fat Kitty
  3. Summit, Aqua Snow Tires, 10 Ball, Fat Kitty
  4. Gnar 2, White Snow Tires, CTX, Fat Kitty