whats your go to travel throw??



Ouch… would have to guess that had to hit very hard or was highly over tightened!


Was that ran over by a car?


I slipped going do the stairs and fell on it.

It did not tickle.




Ouch! You musta fell hard!


Yeeeeeeaaaaa… I definitely got a bruise.


The replay


I have a sacrificial Topdeck I use for travel.


Japan Technology Frost.

Amazing yoyo.


I’ve been carrying my Core Co. Standard a lot lately. However, I just about always have a Replay Pro and some sort of wooden fixed axle in my briefcase as well. That said, I tend to not discriminate when taking yoyos out, I may be a touch more careful where I throw some, but, I try not to baby my toys.


Shutter. It’s already dinged up. It’s also my leave-in-the-car yoyo.

(Rock Shouse) #33

my new Tako…