whats your go to travel throw??

What do u look for in a throw when traveling and limited to 1 throw, can’t bring your whole case. I almost always travel with my Top Deck. Reasons are: reliable, plays well, looks cool, number 1-7075 so it’s durable.


I edc any throw in my collection with no regrets (unless I know I want to sell it already). For actual travel however I always bring 4. I normally try to diversify those 4 as much as possible: 1 fixed axel, 1 hubstacked, a plastic, and a nice fingerspining metal. If I had to choose just 1, I would go with my cdm. It can fingerspin, grind, pretty stable, perfect size, and for some reason hasn’t gotten really any damage for how much it’s gotten thrown around.

My Heavily sparked FG Tundra. Without hesitation. If I could take a second? Valkyrie. Take 3? Peak.

I take my Chico yoyo company Kestrel with me on all my trips. I really think that is a well designed yoyo.

I take my core co standard with me most places

Yoyojam Vexed for regular trips, replay for more brutal conditions.

My Magic Yoyo Skyva is my go to for travel. Reasons are it is super durable (being made of plastic), plays excellent, and fingerspins always impress.

If I can take only one, it’s usually my 2evil. Otherwise it may be my Lilliputian/Scout 7075/Quilin

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I take the most damaged or easily replaced throw I own because I have come to expect the TSA to search my checked bags and don’t have any faith in their honesty. Also preferably monometal and 7075 since I figure they’re the least likely to get messed up by TSA handling baggage roughly.

When flying, I fully recommend putting your yoyos in your carry-on. That way they’re not really ever going out of your sight, except when your bag is going through the x-ray conveyor. If the TSA can’t figure out what they are on the x-ray scan, they’ll open up your bag in front of you to check it out, and it’s highly unlikely that they would confiscate them at that point. Last time I flew they didn’t bother checking out what they were, and I had a plastic, titanium, mono and bimetal aluminum yoyos in my carry-on, so pretty much the full variety of what yoyos could look like on an x-ray.

Plus, then you can throw while you wait for your flight. ;D

Edit: as for what I bring if I’m only bringing 1 throw…it would have to be my Sovereign now that I have it back. Otherwise it’s just whatever I feel like, and I’m always carrying my Executive if I’m wearing jeans.

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My horizon

Always have my Code 2 and Rainbow Splash Anarchist, love the color ways and the resale value is to where I’m not gonna freak out if I get a mark or two, they arent mint but not ‘beat’ play very welland I’m not crazy anal about damage.

CLYWs will be in case only to be moved from gfs house to mine which is a mile away but I ride the bus and wear the backpack style 1 strap case front style, not afraid of theft as noone outside of the community would know they are worth anything I just don’t want to run into smth or whatever.

Everyone is so anal wanting mint only I prob don’t enjoy them like I should but the security of a nest egg of close to a G in yo-yos is more important to me as of now, if I had a better job I’m sure that would change. And yes I know $1,000 is considered a pretty megar collection to some on here but I pretty much was able to hustle them all finding good trades not spending much more than a couple hundo.

Haha sorty for the ta gent

I will take any yoyos with me anywhere with little concern except for my masamaxx. It’s not really the best “every day throw”. I really enjoy it but don’t want it to be my only throw.

A plastic something. Usually a Yoyojam Vexed, or any number of metal yoyos, as none of them are exactly mint :stuck_out_tongue:

My FG Tundra would still be my Main Grab.

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Hopefully by the time I have the money, someone will actually part with their Tundra :smiley:

OP- Top Deck! Love that thing. Only throw I’ve ever bought two of–the first one was in a horrible accident–and I carry it everywhere!

the first one was in a horrible accident - Pictures or it didn’t happen. ;D LOL

Any cheep myy