Whats your favorite yoyo and why??

for example: yuuksta thunder ( not released yet )

i dont think we need a thread for this when we have our profile info

I think it’s an ok thread if you actually give some reasoning behind why its your favorite yo-yo.

It would be okay if they weren’t listed below are names to begin with and there weren’t already a bunch of threads on it already.

How about we do, “What is your favorite looking yoyo?” Legomaster1231’s favorite yoyo is the Yukkusta Thunder, which is not released, so maybe he means his favorite looking yoyo.

thread locked


no its not

yes it is.
Your subconcious mind has convinced you that it is still open, when in reality, it is indeed locked.
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For you to escape to in times of feeling threatened or distressed.
Perhaps everything you are seeing right now is nothing but an illusion of the mind, perhaps yoyoexpert as you call it, has no existence in reality, or maybe it does, you cant say for sure, because you are not currently living in reality, but in your fantasy world that has taken greater control of your life. This has grown to the point that you can no longer distinguish between reality and fantasy.
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Say What?




Lovin the 54. Its nickel, its got side effects, the only thing that could make it better would be if it was 50mm. Halifax here we come.