What's your favorite yo-yo?

Right now the only good yo-yo I have is a dv888. It’s not bad, but I’m looking for something a little bigger with a concave bearing, or at least one that I can switch a concave bearing into. I don’t really know too much about what makes a high quality yo-yo, so I want to know what your favorite yo-yo is and why!

I know the Konkave will work in the OneDrop Markmont Classic, CLYW Chief, Bonfire, H5 Chief, Sasquatch, Yeti, OneDrop Rally, and I’m not certain but I’d like to think that the Konkave would work In the new CLYW Advance Scout. I’m also thinking you could fit one into the MFD Caesar if you make some slight alterations. I love all the above listed throws except for the Scout because I haven’t yet thrown it but I do have one on the way. I love the. Because they are all so fun to play with. From super advanced tricks that I can only think about doing, to laid back back flowing play they all will get the job done.

There may be a few others that you can use a Konkave bearing in but I just can’t say for certain. As for ones that come with a Konkave as the stock bearing, I think the Oxygene Hyperion does, a high end Yomega throw, and maybe a few others. Just read the specs and it’ll tell you which bearing it comes with. Order yourself an Advance Scout, or Bonfire. Both are in stock and I’m sure you’ll love em. However, if you feel those aren’t your style then just go with your instinct.

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A Koncave bearing will work in any modern c-sized bearing throw… so pretty much any modern yoyo.

My personal favourite throw is the Onedrop Rally. I find that plastic/hybrid throws have a unique fun-ness to them that you just don’t get with metal, I’ve always been a fan of the way they feel and play.

So needless to say, when Onedrop brought out a well built, well playing, ‘well good-looking’ hybrid… it was love at first throw.

I’m not saying that everyone will love it as much as I do, but I’ve yet to find another yoyo that I enjoy nearly as much as my trusty old mint green Rally. ;D

Look at that thing. Just look at it. It’s not a yoyo, it’s a work of art.

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I think the Genesis is a great throw, very solid and close to the same shape as the DV888 just bigger. I have both, and can take some side by side pictures if you want me to.


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I concur, hard to beat the tactile quality of a good ol’ Rally.

My favorite is SHUTTER!

Berserker SS

3yo3 Bass Line 2 with ultralight side effects.

Gambit, have you played the YYF Northstar? If so, how would you rate the Rally to the Northstar? How about to the Regen? I am trying to compare it to what I am already throwing.

^^ I’ve thrown both and the Rally basically has lots of rim weight too, making it solid but not quite as solid as a Northstar. Much higher quality on a Rally IMO too.

as of right nows the #yyfspacecowboy (goldboy) edition bc it looks kewl!

These are not similar yoyos. Genesis is indeed a great throw, though! I have 3 different ones at the moment.

I think it’s pretty obvious what my favorite is.

Unfortunately I have not played a Northstar or a Regen. I have a Protostar which I really like, but I prefer the more solid feel of the Rally and I do feel that it performs better than the Protostar.

The build quality feels a lot better as well, my Rally is a lot smoother (even after unscrewing, which practically broke my Protostar) and I don’t have to worry about those annoying spacers that the Proto/Northstar uses. The Rally just feels like a better built object overall.

Funnily enough the Northstar has been on my ‘to buy’ list for a while since a heavier Protostar sounds great. I just wish YYF would bring back the old neon colours, none of the recent Northstar variations have really appealed to me much. :-\