whats your favorite trick???

hi xD
so what ur favorite trick?
it doesnt need 2 be super hard it can be even
beginner lvl
my favorite trick is i will look like a asshole couse its pretty easy but its
mach 5 and stop and go
so whats urs? :slight_smile:

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My favorite tricks would be in my favorite tricks thing on the left side.

Just look there…

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I don’t have a favorite. I like them all!


You can’t do them all bro.

Kryptonite. My own branded combo. It’s under whip wrist mount into spirit bomb into superman into suicide. get it. Under and into the spirit of superman that dies = kryptonite.

If I can do the trick, I like it.

If I can’t, well, I need more practice. And I need LOTS of practice!

Well, Just because I can’t do them all doesn’t mean that you can.

i sense a forum fight :stuck_out_tongue:

No, not a forum fight, but a sibling fight :wink: Anyways, I enjoy doing Red Halo. It’s a fun horizontal/xcalibur/vortex trick. (I’ll change the “favorite trick” thing on my profile later.)

i can’t say i like them all because the possabilities are nearly endless, and there is bound to be one i don’t like.

however i love the feel of “skin the gerbil”, i love the excitement of pulling off a perfect “and whut”, “whit buddah” always gives me great looks from others, bucket hops is so silly and i can’t help but let myself laugh.

for looping i really like just loops, loopidyloopidy loop.

I feel as though this thread is useless.

Can’t you just look at the side?

i agree…