if your favorite isn’t in the poll please post it here! thanks!

Since it’s come out I only use Bright Lime Green Poly, but before it came out I used Black Cotton. I don’t really care for multi-color string.

(Just about all my Throws are Blue, Green, Black or Clear… so Lime Green really looks NICE!)

P.S. This topic may be a hair more inviting if it were not ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS, LIKE YOU WERE YELLING AT EVERYONE!


I like having string the color of the yoyo i’m using.

I thought without having an exclamation mark it wouldn’t come off as exxclamatory. ;D

I like my half metallic silver and half royal blue

I really don’t like the way multi-coloured string looks.

I usually like to use similar or clashing colours.

Like for Blue Yoyos I like to use blue/yellow/green string
Purple ones Green/Orange
Red ones Pink/Red/Orange

I’m really picky about it, my protostar has only ever had orange string on it since I bought it and I can’t imagine putting anything else on it.