Favorite Color Combinations?

So, I thought I would ask which yo-yo and string color combinations people like…

For example, mine is:

Purple Yo-yo (M1)
Green or Blue String

How bout all you guys? Let’s get some crazy color combos! GO!!!

Any string I guess with this yo-yo

Ok, is that yours??? What kind of yo-yo is it? Looks like an 888… And who painted it?

It’s not mine it’s a Timeless Cygnus.


umm purple cali and and green gaterfloss ,a blue red cali with blue and red string,a black and red cali with black and red string and finaly orange muntant dna with green gator floss

green yoyo’s with orange strings

I agree general 5star with an orange string looks sharp.

that yoyo is sick :o :o :o

I Keep a pink string on my black Legacy, Normaly greens, blues, organges and the likes on my Aqua G5, I’ve got red string on my red DIE-NASTY with a red die CW… Its sweet…

Aqua or navy blue with bright orange strings. That looks sick.

light blue and silver

Yeah, I love either pink or yellow string with a black yoyo. Right now I have a pink string on my kentaro superstar, and a yellow string on my aqua-purple splash 888.

Blue meteor, orange string.

Any yoyo, white string.

Any yoyo, green/white string, green/black string, white string.

All amazing.

Dark blue yo-yo w/ yellow string does it for me every time, especially when the string is brand new. It looks like highlighter.

Blue/Green YoYo and Orange String.


Any YoYo with Orange String…

Pink/White/Black/Orange Yoyo With Neon Green Kitty String Version 2

Silver yoyo with bright blue mix string. Gives a very icy feel. If i’m feeling bright, pink with orange string.