Whats your favorite responsive throw


Im thinking in buying one but i dont know which one so i need a Little help ;D


No-Jive 3-in-1. Pick one up on Ebay or the BST and never look back.

TMBR makes good stuff, but absolutely nothing will beat a good No-Jive.


Put the narrow bearing in your Legacy II and you’re good to go.


I Need to fix that legacy




Katz Meow


Is unresponsive


Unresponsive with the D bearing. Responsive with the small bearing. I have never put the D in mine, it’s so great responsive,


When my legacy is responsive when I put the small bearing in it’s great!


I find that the only yoyos that feel “right” responsive are fixed axles.


Walter for the bearing play and anything Tmbr for fixed axle that’s not hard to find. Highly recommend the Eh!!! It the perfect wood throw, yes even better then the no-Jive :wink:




YYF Hectic


This is all true, but I can’t put my 2013
Eh down. The Eh is great!


Loop 1080 Drafonfly and a Wodden looper!


Stock YYJ Classic, Walter, Duncan Pro-Z, (newer run) Duncan FH2. And most TMBR stuff for fixed.


For the price the YYJ Classic and also the DM II are great and can be upgraded to unresponsive too.


My favorite responsive is still the Raider (or the Raider EX). Outstanding for looping, uses a bearing so it spins longer, and it can take a beating. My wood responsives all wobble now because of dents and damage. When I chaperone field trips at school, I always bring my white Raider EX along with me.


Any version of the Dash and Maverick.


I started on Raiders/fireballs back in the 90s, was sad when I started throwing again and heard yomega was frowned upon now adays, them happy again when I found raiders were at least still one of the top choices for 2a. I’ve personally never looked back from them. But I’m a big fan of things not changing.