Looking for advice on a great responsive 1A throw

I have plenty of great Unresponsive 1A throws now, but recently I have been enjoying throwing my yyj classic that is still set up responsively.

The only thing I don’t like about my responsive classic is that the gap is too thin with the half spec bearing to get through longer/complex string tricks. I can do most all tricks on this site into some of the advanced ones, but most of the advanced and above are too complex to get through with the narrow gap.

I have tried using a regular size c bearing with thick lube and that gives me the room for advanced string tricks, but the lube kills spin time drastically over the unlubed half spec bearing.

So is there a responsive throw out there that gives decent spin time, gap width, and responsiveness all in one package? I have heard of the Walter, but I think the chances of me finding one up for trade on the BST will be rare so I would like other suggestions please.

Also, I know there are wood fixed axle yoyos, which I plan on getting one, but fixed axle play is very different then normal 1A play, which is what I am wanting this responsive throw to be for.

Freakhand’s by duncan are excellent responsive throws.
That being said; I hate too break it too you, but but all those tricks where made up on yoyos with gaps very similar too the classic. You are currently suffering from yoyo dyslexia. Some of you may not be informed on yoyo dyslexia. You can tell you have it when you are looking on the wrong end of the string for the problem. Like when the yoyo you have is totally fine for what you are doing, but still can’t do said trick. Rather then assuming you need practice, you assume you need a better yoyo.

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I completely agree that my throws can be cleaner so no argument there. But I would still like a nicer long-term responsive throw to use as my skills get better

Maybe look into the flying V which is even older but not as popular as the walter. You can always try a shorter axle and half spec bearing in just about any yoyo as well for it to be responsive.

I will have to look into the flying v and freehand/freekhand

I was also looking at the dark magic 2 and the dv888 as well. Any experience with those?

Dv888 doesn’t really make a good responsive throw, its gap is too large.

old yyj
dm1 sp1 hm1 sf’s

I thought the 2014 version was built responsive? Did they try but not succeed at doing that?

do they still sell older YYJ or will I just have to try and get lucky on a trade?

I am liking the way the Flying V looks

Yes, that one is responsive because it come with a narrow responsive bearing and a standard wide bearing.

I have the DM2 I really feel like this is a great responsive throw feels nice in the hand. It weighs heavy however somehow I forget it weighs more than my shutter. When I first got the DM2 I was hooked…I dropped my czm8 and shutter and stood with the dm2 for weeks before i put it down. I felt it was so different it was fun to me because the walls were higher and I’m a sloppy player. It made me play cleaner tbh.

That sounds very promising! I do love the toxic frog and ghost edition dm2 lol

Flying V definitely looks cool, but you will need heavy lube to keep it consistent. There is nothing wrong with the classic. I like my Yomega yo mod also

DM2. I play my dark magic 2 with the slim bearing. It is a great responsive throw. I can get through some pretty long combos.